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The Benefits of Thyristor Controllers in Manufacturing Applications

Specialist supplier of industrial controllers and drives, CD Automation, has released an infographic detailing the main benefits of using thyristor controllers in manufacturing applications. Interested parties can access useful technical articles and the infographic on CD Automation’s blog

To make the technology even more accessible, CD Automation will also create a start-up cheat sheet for commissioning and installing thyristors.

To address some of the common queries of its clients, CD Automation is now complementing its range of technical articles and case studies with more user-friendly downloadable documents, including infographics. The first in the range explains the applications, features and benefits of CD Automation’s thyristor range at a glance.

The UK manufacturing sector employs 2.6 million people and accounts for almost 50 per cent of the country’s exports. The complexity of manufacturing processes has significantly increased over the last decade, with technologies like intelligent automation, robotics and 3D printing putting extra pressure on manufacturers everywhere. Although new technologies have the potential to make manufacturing more lucrative and energy-efficient, older generations of electrical equipment are still at the very heart of the process and essential for those new concepts to operate effectively. One such example is the thyristor power controller.

A thyristor is the most reliable control method when it comes to applications that use large amounts of electrical power,

explains Jez Watson, managing director of CD Automation UK.

The benefits of using a thyristor power controller go beyond reducing waste and energy usage. The equipment allows users to improve process consistency and reliability in very harsh environments.

CD Automation wants to help its clients make informed purchasing decisions. Our new infographic allows customers to quickly identify the applications and benefits of suitable products.”

Thyristor power controllers can be used in any process using electric heat, including welding, ovens, kilns, boilers, furnaces or environmental chambers. Designed to handle loads of up to 3 Mega Watts , thyristors are highly reliable and only require very low levels of

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