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The Spirit of Wastewater Treatment

Ian Hart

Veolia Water Technologies has been awarded a prestigious contract to provide wastewater treatment plant to the Macallan Distillery in Craigellachie, Moray. The Macallan single malt whisky is currently the world’s second highest selling brand and owners, Edrington Group, are investing over £100m in a new distillery to meet the growing demand.

Wastewaters/washwaters from the new distillery will be treated on site to meet the SEPA consent for discharge to the environmentally sensitive River Spey. Prior to commencing on the design, Veolia carried out a wastewater characterisation study and also helped the distillery to optimise operation of the existing wastewater treatment plant. The experience gained by working closely with The Macallan allowed Veolia’s engineers to design the new plant with a high degree of confidence.

The Veolia treatment process is based on IdraflotTM dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit followed by a BiosepTM membrane bioreactor (MBR), and there is a long-term goal to treat the BiosepTM MBR permeate by reverse osmosis for re-use in the distillery as boiler make-up.

Ian Hart, Veolia’s Business Development Director, said “We are delighted to be working with The Macallan distillery on this project and helping to assure the continued success of this great brand.” The £2.5m contract is due for completion in summer 2015.

Sue Tucker, Marketing Communications
Veolia Water Technologies
Aqua House, 2620 King”s Court,
Birmingham Business Park, B37 7YE
United Kingdom

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