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Thermal fluid return programme averts disposal problems

Global Heat Transfer, DEFRA, thermal fluids

Global Heat Transfer has launched a thermal fluid return programme to help customers that have condemned thermal fluids that need to be discarded as waste. As a result the company’s clients don’t need to manage waste fluid or discard waste fluid on-site. Global Heat Transfer is licensed to manage waste thermal fluids and assists with the drainage of condemned fluids, transportation of fluids and ultimately their disposal.

On August 20, 2012, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) estimated that the UK generated 290 million tonnes of waste per year. Moreover, DEFRA reported that around 52 percent of all commercial and industrial waste was recycled or reused. This leaves some 48 percent that still needs to be managed as waste.

Global Heat Transfer focuses on the lifecycle management of its client’s thermal fluids from the procurement and delivery of highly efficient fluids to the on-going management to extend the usable life of the fluid as far as possible, right through to their latter years when they need to be disposed of in an appropriate manner.

When a synthetic thermal fluid has reached the end of its usable life, Global Heat Transfer will remove the old thermal fluid free of charge, subject to exact location, condition, volume and certification costs. Moreover, they will remove used synthetic thermal fluid regardless of whether or not the original supply was bought from them.

Dr Chris Wright, group head of R&D at Global Heat Transfer, says, “The planned, preventative maintenance of thermal fluids is imperative to sustaining a company’s production. But thermal fluids will one day need to be replenished. In such cases it is just as imperative that a company’s fluid is drained and removed from site as quickly as possible to get production back up and running. Global Heat Transfer’s 24-7 service and expertise in the lifecycle management of thermal fluids means that the client’s production needs is at the heart of everything we do on a day-to-day basis.”

Global Heat Transfer’s team works closely with national and local Government to keep up to date with changes in regulations.  As a result, customers can be confident that all thermal fluids and services have been managed or conducted according to current regulations and standards. This service ranges from the inspection of systems in compliance with DSEAR to the sampling of in situ fluids.

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