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Thermal Imaging Education Kit for Schools


FLIR Systems has announced the specially priced C2 Education Kit to bring the power of thermal imaging technology within the reach of elementary schools, high schools and other educational institutes.

The C2 Education Kit includes a FLIR C2 thermal imaging camera, tripod mount and ResearchIR Software as well as access to FLIR education content with lectures, experiments and teacher’s guides. This kit has been specifically designed as an enabling package for classroom instruction and is available with an exclusive discount for educators and students.

The FLIR C2 is a full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera that produces thermal images of 80 x 60 pixels. It is the perfect tool for classroom use being easy-to-use, affordable, lightweight and compact.

FLIR C2 Education Kits

The camera provides on-board facility for image storage which can be recalled for later analysis.
Additionally, the C2 Education Kit includes powerful ResearchIR software for real-time streaming and recording of thermal movies. A high clarity 3-inch touch screen with auto orientation allows intuitive fast access to all camera functions.

Beneficially the FLIR C2 also incorporates a visible camera. Using FLIR”s patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) functionality – students will be able to overlay thermal and visual images thereby simplifying understanding of thermal images.

For further information please visit here or contact FLIR Systems on +32-3665-5100 or [email protected], or visit www.flir.com

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