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New Thermoforming Capability Adheres to Pharmaceutical Industry Standards

Bilcare Research, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of blister packaging solutions, has introduced a new thermoforming capability to support its blister films production. In full adherence with pharmaceutical industry standards, the state-of-the-art line will be utilised for customer-specific development projects.

For years, Bilcare Research has been known for providing exceptional service to the pharmaceutical packaging community. Among other innovations, Bilcare has been instrumental in helping packaging engineers optimise blister film barrier properties to match drug formulation requirements.

This service, known as BilcareOptimaTM, utilises a scientific approach to define the best packaging solution based on an analysis of drug stability under various external influences, such as humidity, temperature and light exposure.

“We are pleased to add this capability to the wide array of manufacturing and services that Bilcare Research currently offers,” said Kevin Stevens, President and Managing Director of Bilcare Research Inc., “We look forward to assisting our customers with their new projects, and providing them services that consistently have proven capable of saving both, time and money.”

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