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Three Decades of Process Industry Sealing Reliability

DuPont Kalrez ring seals

DuPont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts (FFKM) were developed some three decades ago and have delivered outstanding sealing reliability throughout, even in the most aggressive production and processing environments. These high performance products are available in the UK from authorised distributor Dichtomatik Ltd.

The Kalrez® parts improve sealing reliability particularly in conditions where high heat, aggressive chemicals and plasma are utilised. Aerospace and downhole oil and gas applications were some of the first successful applications of Kalrez® products where seal failure was unacceptable. An outstanding resistance to fuels, additives, lubricating oils and corrosive chemicals has ensured the high durability expected and achieved with Kalrez® products. They also provide a broad chemical and high temperature resistance to acids, amines, ultrapure de-ionised water and strong bases etc. This ensures that chemical/hydrocarbon processing plants can run hotter, longer and with a wider range of chemical products while also providing substantially increased MTBR times and improved operating safety.

With a combination of thermal and chemical performance as well as rubber-like sealing ability Kalrez® FDA compliant seals offer the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries the highest level of protection against product contamination and seal failure. Within electronics manufacturing operations, unplanned maintenance due to incompatible sealing materials can also be dramatically reduced.

A typical example for the application of the Kalrez® products is their use as replacements for metal ‘O’ rings in a gear pump application, operating at temperatures up to 327°C and 100 bar pressures within the chemical process industry. The installation involved exposure to highly aggressive media, as well as fluctuating internal sealing forces within asymmetric pump housings when pumps were situated within reactor environments.

Long-term reliability and stringent performance were an absolute necessity, and operating times in excess of 10 years have been achieved without the occurrence of production problems through the loss of sealing performance. The changeover to Kalrez® seals was so successful that they are now fitted as standard equipment to the manufacturer’s extensive range of gear pumps. The need for regular dismantling and re-assembly of pumps through seal failures has been eliminated, leading to cost savings through reduced maintenance and significant savings in production downtimes.

Superior chemical resistance to more than 1800 chemicals is provided while chemically induced swelling of sealing products can be eliminated, even where concentrated nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, ethylene diamine or even super-heated steam is involved.

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