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Top Tips For Sweating Your Assets

20 April 2017 - Written by Phil Black

With the advent of AMP6, the onus is on water and wastewater service providers to adopt a TOTEX (total expenditure) approach to driving down capital and operational costs. One of the ways they can do this is to make their existing assets work harder – a practice known as ‘sweating assets’. Here, Martin Richardson, water framework manager – drives & controls, ABB Limited, shares six tips to optimise the reliability and efficiency of variable speed drives (VSDs) installed on pump systems.
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Top 10 Design Tips for Problem Free Gravity Die Casting

21 March 2017 - Written by Phil Black

Gravity Die Casting (also known as Permanent Mould Casting) is a repeatable process primarily used to produce medium-run, dimensionally accurate, non-ferrous castings, most often in alloys of Aluminium, Zinc and Bronze. Here are the Top 10 Tips for designing problem-free casting geometry…
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Top 10 Tips for Grease Optimisation

21 January 2017 - Written by Phil Black

Mohamed Mourad, Industrial Marketing Advisor, ExxonMobil – EAME

Optimising your use of grease and ensuring you select the right grease for a specific application is not easy. However, an informed choice can help improve a plant’s productivity and safety while reducing costs.
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Top 10 Tips for switching fabrications and assemblies to castings

18 January 2017 - Written by Phil Black

There are many reasons why a manufacturer may choose to substitute complex fabrications, weldments and assemblies for castings. Here are the top 10 tips for selecting suitable candidates for conversion.
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Ten top tips for getting the most from pH measurements

04 November 2016 - Written by Phil Black

pH measurement equipment is used for a host of applications across a variety of industries. Getting the best from this equipment requires consideration of a range of factors to achieve optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Jon Penn of ABB Measurement & Analytics offers ten tips on how to get the best performance from your pH equipment.
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Ten ways to better boiler performance

24 June 2016 - Written by Phil Black

The UK’s high energy costs continue to present a major obstacle hindering the country’s manufacturing performance. A 2014 survey by the EEF highlighted the cost of energy as a major concern for UK manufacturers, with many identifying it a key factor impacting on their profitability and competitiveness. On sites where steam and hot water is used, significant cost savings can often be found in the boilerhouse and steam distribution system. Alan Hunt of ABB Measurement & Analytics provides his ten top tips that can help optimise steam boiler efficiency.
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Top Tips For Shutdown Planning

16 April 2016 - Written by Phil Black

After months of meetings, you have Board approval and the finance in place for your expansion. You’ve had the FEED study report and are now ready to begin planning the expansion programme and the process shutdown that will enable you to integrate the new facilities with the old – what could possibly go wrong?
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Top ten tips for mitigating harmful harmonics

28 October 2015 - Written by Phil Black

The rise of non-linear loads in industrial environments over the last two decades has resulted in the growing problem of harmonic currents and utility-level voltage distortion. Facing a lack of awareness, the industry has struggled to implement effective mitigation techniques.
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Ten 10 Tips to Achieve Zero Liquid Discharge Production

30 September 2015 - Written by Phil Black

Sustainabipty is the hot topic of our time. In a world of dwindpng natural resources, taking environmental responsibipty is absolutely essential. That’s why it is up to companies to take responsibipty for operating in a sustainable manner. Modern wastewater processing systems allow industrial companies to re-use their treated wastewater in production. Read the top ten tips for the responsible use of water.
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Top 10 Tips to Essential Secrets to Variable Speed Drive Optimisation

23 September 2015 - Written by Phil Black

1. Understand Your Installed Base

An initial on site assessment should be carried out by a qualified Drive Service Engineer, they should log the drive location, part numbers, specification and maintenance status and criticality to the process or application for the future maintenance planning
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