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Tube Coupling System Celebrates 15th Birthday Without A Single Known Leak

At the end of 2016 VOSSFormSQR, the tube coupling system from VOSS Fluid, celebrated its fifteenth market anniversary – without a single known system leak. Its unique functional principle and process-reliable handling are the guarantors of this success.

The forming system forms a 24° contour on a commercially available hydraulic tube and thus ensures a high quality connection. On its 15th birthday, VOSSFormSQR from Wipperfürth looks as fresh as the day it first appeared and is ideally positioned for the future due to its convincing results.

High pressure peaks or vibrations are a particular challenge for classical hydraulic connections with cutting rings. The VOSSFormSQR tube coupling system has therefore proven itself over fifteen years in mobile work machines, shipbuilding and in the mining industry. Its installation-friendly design and specialised structure ensure a secure and permanently leak-proof coupling, even under extreme conditions.

VOSSFormSQR consists of three components: a standard nut with moulded seal made of FKM/FPM, a standard connector and a cold-formed 24° tube contour at the end of the hydraulic tube that is to be connected. Since the system has been on the market, VOSS Fluid has sold several million SQR-function nuts and has had no complaints due to functional failure.

Functional principle of VOSSFormSQR

The fitter fabricates the tube contour with the VOSSForm 100 forming machine. This is supplemented by a soft seal and the special SQR-function nuts. The SQR-function nuts with integrated clamping ring radially clamp the tube on the circumference, relieving the transition between the formed contour and the tube. This increases the tolerance with respect to dynamic loads. With the metallic seal and the additional soft seal, VOSSFormSQR provides double protection against leaks. This makes the system attractive for a wide range of applications. “In recent years, we have seen that tube coupling systems are used more and more frequently in stationary applications, as well. There is clearly a trend toward this solution,” says Marco Schawohl, Marketing Director at VOSS Fluid.

Zero leaks through process-reliable assembly

A majority of all leaks and seal failures in hydraulic couplings occur due to faulty handling. With VOSSFormSQR, users significantly reduce this risk. The integrated stop plate is a special feature of VOSSForm 100. For tube forming, the fitter pushes the tube to be formed up to the stop in the machine. Pushing the start button triggers the process – this rules out errors. The system also supports the fitter during assembly of the SQR-function nut. When the nut is tightened, a noticeable increase in force indicates the end of the assembly process. In 2015, VOSS Fluid brought the VOSSForm 100 Compact, a space-saving tabletop device for small runs, to the market.

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