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Ultrapure Pumps Offer Efficient, Sustainable and Consumer Safe Pumping

ultrapure pumps

Alfa Laval UltraPure pumps are specifically designed for the toughest, most demanding pharmaceutical applications. From high-value, high-risk productions, where every second counts, to reliability and repeatability process-driven productions – whatever your challenge is, there is an UltraPure solution to meet your needs.

Consumer Safety
Alfa Laval UltraPure pumps feature a high level of attention to hygiene and repeatability to reduce the risk of contamination. The downloadable Q-doc documentation, based on GDP (Good Documentation Practice), provides full details of the product. It simplifies qualification, validation and change control to assure consumer safety.

Proven reliability
All pumps use robust designs that are time-tested and proven in the pharmaceutical industry. Every UltraPure pump includes full documentation of the production chain. From raw material to delivered equipment, to guarantee the repeatability of your product and provide 100% batch quality.

Efficiency & Sustainability
UltraPure pumps are cost-effective. They deliver maximum energy efficiency, a reduced C02 footprint, higher yields and increased uptime.

Global coverage with local presence
Alva Laval´s wide range of UltraPure pumps can meet your any of your process challenges. No matter where you are, we have support and service experts close by. All parts used are standardised for easy specification and delivery as well as a fast service turnaround.

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