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Ultrasonic Welding For Complex Applications On Show

Rinco Ultrasonics presents new generator module for OEM applications

At this year”s “K” from October 19 – 26 in Düsseldorf, Rinco Ultrasonics AG will present its 40 years of expertise and innovation in ultrasonic welding technology. Founded in 1976, the company has grown to become a respected supplier of full-range systems and components and also as an integration consultant for its customers. Rinco also works closely with international OEM partners in order to find the optimum solutions for their automated applications.

At the “K” Show, the ultrasonic welding specialist will present for the first time its new AGM Pro generator for integration into special machines and production lines. The company will also showcase the latest technically upgraded version of its Electrical Motion ultrasonic welding machine along with a number of other recently developed products.

AGM Pro ultrasonic generator for automated welding processes

The digital AGM Pro ultrasonic generator is the further developed version of the AGM generator and is designed for integration into special machines and production lines. The completely newly designed generator can be completely controlled by the unit”s own PLC. Also new are an integrated Internet interface and a touch display via which the user can also configure and control the AGM Pro. During a welding process, the device records all the parameters digitally, including the error messages. On conclusion, the user can access all the key results and parameters of the last welding process by means of a Web browser, and can also evaluate and document them. With an interchangeable module, various communication reports can be produced. The digital ultrasonic generator is especially suitable for automotive applications.

Further improvements to electrical ultrasonic welding machine

Last year, when Rinco introduced its electrically driven ultrasonic welding machine under the name Electrical Motion (working frequency 20 kHz), it trod new ground as regards the individual and precise control of the parameters for the joining process – from the positioning of the sonotrode and the applied welding force to the welding velocity. For K” 2016, the Electrical Motion has been upgraded again: A new two-hand activation system provides for even greater ergonomic comfort. Also new is that the contact breaker can be controlled via welding steps (welding force, distance and time). This means that even complex applications can be cleanly welded. The Electrical Motion is designed for demanding welding tasks in the automotive, medical, packaging, textile and household appliance industries.

Other exhibits with new features

  • With the now electrically driven – instead of pneumatically driven – feed systems for the stroke motion, available with operating frequencies of 20 kHz and 35 kHz, Rinco offers OEMs new options for integration into special machines and production lines.
  • The ultrasonic hand welding devices for the manual welding or cutting of thermoplastics and synthetic textiles have been given a new flexible cable. The advantages are easier handling and, with hybrid cables, the integration of several functions such as compressed air and control signal.
  • The work stations for the ultrasonic welding machines have taken a further step towards automation. The acoustically insulated, slim-design cabins now have a rotating table for two workholders. The workholder can be easily loaded, for example, by a robot arm (pick and place). While one part is being welded, the next can be loaded.

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