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Unique RFID Antenna Adaptable to Customer Applications


HARTING has developed a unique type of RFID antenna, the Ha-VIS LOCFIELD(R) antenna, which uses a coaxial travelling-wave concept to offer users a compact package with complete flexibility in the design of RF reading zones. Not only is the antenna adaptable to every customer application: it is also ideal for situations where space is at a premium.

Modern industrial RFID systems allow components and packages to be followed in real time, and offer a multitude of options for increasing process security and ensuring optimal transparency. However, there is generally very little space available around belt conveyors, and classical RFID antennas are limited in that they cannot map curved tracks: a factor that restricts the capability for customers to track and trace production history at every point in the process.

The new Ha-VIS LOCFIELD(R) RFID antenna requires only a minimum of space, consisting only of an industrial-grade coaxial line. The antenna cable is mechanically flexible and can therefore be installed and laid in any given shape according to the requirements of specific customer applications. This includes the ability to lay it around the curves of conveyor belts.

Users therefore have the ability to design their own tailored UHF RFID reading zone. A wide range of challenging applications become possible, including RFID installations in smart shelves, 19-inch racks, complex machines, doors and pass-throughs, all with reduced costs and maximum ease of installation.

Please click here for further information on the Ha-VIS LOCFIELD antenna

For more information, www.harting.co.uk/harting-rfid

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