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UV Testing Proves Label Durability

Subjecting its labelling solutions to rigorous and highly demanding  independent tests is routine at Silver Fox. The UK based labelling company prides itself with only using the highest quality materials. The results from their extensive testing show that Silver Fox labels are exceptionally durable.

The Long Term Accelerated Ultra-Violet (UV) weathering test was conducted by an independent testing laboratory, on Silver Fox’s Fox Flo® tie-on cable labels in accordance with ISO 4892-3 Method A Cycle 1 (Outdoor Simulation) and has shown the labels to be highly resistant and durable.

Normally a company might test their products for accelerated UV ageing for around 500 – 1000 hours. This roughly equates to 18 – 24 months, external exposure. Silver Fox appreciates that their users do not want to be obliged into repeatedly replacing cable labels, which is why they undertook accelerated UV ageing for 8000 hours to properly evaluate the effects that significant accelerated ageing, would have on the finished printed label.

As a rough guide 8000 hours, approximately equates to 12 – 16 years Northern European Climates  and  6.5 – 8 years in Tropical Regions.

The most common outcome of this accelerated UV test is the changes in colour. This can result from poor pigment stability which results in fading and can cause the eventual loss of colour. There are other effects such as surface chalking, which can give the illusion of colour change, so it is important, when testing, to assess a measured change in colour against changes such as chalking or other surface defects, like cracking or crazing.

The report given by the testing house states ‘Testing has been performed for an 8000 hour period, which is the longest duration to which we have ever tested. For label products, the legibility of any printing is one of the most important characteristics and in this work the legibility of the printing has been assessed against any other changes that have occurred. In the samples where information was printed on them, such as the Fox-Flo labels, the legibility remained clear and distinct.’

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