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Vacuum Conveying Test Centre Opens

Piab has invested in and subsequently improved their Vacuum Conveying test centre at the UK head office in Loughborough. This will allow customers to test-run their products using the very latest Piab conveying systems as often as they like in order to prove their powder transfer applications prior to purchasing a conveying system. The test centre creates important confidence in not only the products but Piab’s knowledge and technical support with vacuum systems.

The test centre is fully equipped to mimic as closely as possible a customer production facility and is complete with a powerful compressor and air receiver. Piab’s in-house technical managers will first weigh an accurate amount of a customer’s product prior to loading it into the feed hopper which is manufactured from 304 or 316 stainless steel. In the photograph, the feed hopper has been set up to accept 75mm pipework although a 50mm option is available if required. The piFLOW®p which was used for a recent test is still installed but such is the flexibility of the test centre that changing to a different conveyor is an easy task.

The Piab test centre isn’t just a sales tool. Customers can use it to see how different products react under different conveying conditions which is a huge benefit when the only other option might be to run ‘experiments ‘between production cycles.


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