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Video Series on Long Life Oxygen Sensing Innovation

Honeywell company, City Technology, a World leading manufacturer of gas sensors, has released a new video on how innovations and advanced technologies in long life oxygen sensing are meeting key market demands for increased reliability and reduced total cost of ownership.

The video features an interview with Tom Gurd, Senior Product Marketing Manager for City Technology on oxygen sensing innovations and an interview on sensor technology and performance with Martin Kelly, Programme Manager and Dr Keith Pratt, Principal Scientist for City Technology.

It marks the first in a series of videos that will outline a variety of topics including gas sensing market trends, the future of the industry and how advanced innovations like extended sensor life and the ability to create smaller, more wearable and connected sensors will add increased user value. The next in the series will cover emissions sensing.

The long life oxygen video demonstrates City Technology’s application of class-leading techniques in the newly launched 4OxLL sensor, which delivers the longest operational life currently available in the global sensing market; 5 years in safety applications (compared with 2 years offered by standard models), delivering operation over whole instrument life.

Aside from ground-breaking longevity, the 4OxLL sensor offers class-leading performance, reliability, environmental stability and immunity to traditional sensor modes of failure, dramatically reducing ongoing servicing requirements and the total cost of ownership.

Tom Gurd, Senior Product Marketing Manager for City Technology, comments: “The video provides an insight into key market trends and how technological developments at City Technology have enabled us to extend sensor life, enhance reliability and reduce costs. As the World leading manufacturer, our success comes from our ability to respond effectively to the real market needs of our customers. The ability to reduce total cost of ownership is a top priority for today’s instrument manufacturers and end users; our new long life oxygen sensing platform meets this remit by providing enhanced reliability and extended operation in harsh application conditions, adding real value by dramatically reducing ongoing service costs.”

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