October 23, 2018 Damien Munroe

​It’s always best to use the right tools. If you like doing a bit of DIY like me, then you probably learned this lesson the hard way…just like me. Whether it involves cutting tiles for a bathroom floor, cutting timber for a deck Read More

September 26, 2018 Damien Munroe

​Regulatory control provides the foundation for advanced, supervisory capabilities. Neglect the PIDs and any visions of advanced control grandeur will quickly come crumbling down.

While I’ve been known to enjoy an occasional Read More

September 1, 2018 Damien Munroe

Technology Can Help You Remain on Top of Dynamics that are In a State of Constant Change

​As Practitioners we can all be a bit funny when it comes to energy conservation – generally mindful of energy consumption while at work but leaving items Read More

August 8, 2018 Damien Munroe

If you’re a controls or process engineer, then you’ve probably spent more time than you care to admit tuning PID loops, I certainly have! I shudder remembering some of the different methods I tried – a mix of guess and test procedures passed along or picked up from one job to the next. Fort Read More

April 18, 2018 Damien Munroe

Three Recent Developments that Should Make PID Optimisation a Priority

Whether you tune underperforming PID controllers manually or with the help of software, one thing that both approaches assume is: You know which loop is the bad actor!

A recent post of mine focused Read More

January 26, 2018 Damien Munroe

A Simple Method for Modelling Processes and Tuning Loops

Has a colleague ever commented: “How’d you manage that?” When the question is spoken like a statement, that’s when you know you’ve accomplished something special. Ironically, when it comes to tun Read More