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New Water Conditioning Service Specifically for Industrial Customers

aqualead®: a new offer for an international dimension

aqualead® is a complete water conditioning range focussed on the industrial water cycle. The offer ranges from the provision of water conditioning products for the treatment of all aspects of industrial water management, through to dedicated wastewater, cooling and boiler water conditioning services. aqualead® integrates the know-how and expertise of two recent acquisitions by SUEZ (IWM in France in 2013 and B & V Group in the UK in 2015).

This new water conditioning activity, supplementing the historic business areas of construction, operation and provision of specialised solutions, gives the group a unique value proposition in the industrial market. Elise Maury, CEO of Water Conditioning Services France, explains: “The conditioning services offer is a relatively new venture for the SUEZ Group and will benefit from a strong, international name which will help us to achieve our growth targets. With aqualead®, we are offering all industrial customers a global solution and increasing the visibility of our expertise at international level.”

aqualead® nexgen – products minimising the environmental impact of industrial activities

The offer coincides with the launch of a new product range: the aqualead® nexgen collection.

Formulated and developed in our Technical Services Centre at La Courneuve in France, using expertise from across the group, these products reduce the amount of phosphorus discharged, by more than 50% when compared with conventional treatments. They therefore represent a concrete solution from SUEZ Group in terms of safeguarding valuable resources.

Eric Toledo, Technical Director at Water Conditioning Services France, says: “We have created a specific range of cooling water products, for which we have selected highly biodegradable polymers that, in combination with metal-free formulations with low phosphorus content, offer our customers products with lower environmental impact whilst maintaining system performance.”

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