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Water & Wastewater Mixing Process Optimisation

When it comes to defining the optimum solution across water and wastewater mixing processes, SPX”s Lightnin brand has over 90 years of experience and advanced technology to help

Alongside a detailed understanding of the science of mixing, laboratory scale testing has proven to be the most efficient way to obtain desired process requirements; including better mixing results, improved efficiency and blend times, and reduced power consumption. Using the LightninMiniLab™ portable test rig and the specific Water Demo kit available at SPX state-of-the-art laboratory in Rochester, New York, USA, tests and trials can be carried out to find ways to improve efficiency and ensure best performance of local mixing processes in the water and wastewater industry.

The SPX Lightnin Water Demo is used to quickly compare the performance of alternative solutions to determine the best options for specific site conditions. It can simulate full scale applications, such as flocculation, anoxic or rapid mixing, that incorporate a number of mixers within them. A circulating pump is used to simulate multiple flow conditions and the system uses Lightnin H Series mixers that can be fitted with almost any impeller configuration to determine optimum size and speed of impellers. A variable speed drive system further enables the performance of different mixer types to be replicated and evaluated.

The Water Demo test loop uses easily reconfigurable dividers that change the length/width ratio between each mixer and simulate different ratios of sizes of channels. It can be used to quickly evaluate best mixer positions and, for new installations, help to define the optimum design for water channels.

The SPX LightninMiniLab is a complete, compact, portable laboratory that can be shipped to customers’ sites to enable the full evaluation of performance of different mixer configurations in static tank applications. It too offers extensive testing capability with multiple configurations that can be quickly changed to assess and compare data across test runs. It can have multiple impeller and baffle configurations, including the latest ‘Clean Edge Impeller’ for use with fibrous sludge, with on center or off center mixer mounting.

The LightninMiniLab is shipped to site in its own packing case, is suitable for any international power outlet and requires only power connection on site. Its use is supported by a trained Application Engineer who will work with the customer’s team to ensure efficient testing and the desired mixing characteristics are achieved.
Mixing is about getting the results needed from a process. Improving the design of a mixer installation will optimise the performance of the process and potentially lower initial installation and through life costs. Both the Lightnin Water Demo and LightninMiniLab are based on SPX’s vast experience in developing mixing solutions to meet even the most challenging of applications. They offer efficient and economical testing for both static tank and dynamic flow applications.

SPX uses well proven, proprietary software to record and analyse mixer performance and characteristics. Its long experience and advanced test facilities can help quickly define the best requirements for new systems or be used to improve the efficiency and performance of existing installations.

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