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Working Automation Technologies on Show

ABB is showcasing a complete integrated automation system, exclusively featuring products from its wide portfolio including a robot, programmable logic controller (PLC), variable-speed drives, human-machine interface (HMI) and safety controller.

The demonstration will feature a simulated cell whereby visitors can see the key control features, communication methods and safety collaboration possibilities built into ABB’s equipment.

The IRB 120 multipurpose industrial robot is interacting with a mini servo-controlled conveyor belt and safety products that include a light curtain and emergency stop.

ABB’s AC500 PLC controls the entire system, communicating with the robot, the drives and the safety equipment. Should an unsafe event occurs, ABB’s safety controller switches the drives off to halt operation. The controller’s user interface is displayed on a 15″” HMI as well as duplicated on a television screen.

The demonstration includes the new Automation Builder software platform, ABB”s integrated programming, maintenance and simulation environment for its PLCs, safety products, robots, motion controllers, drives and control panels. Providing a single platform for configuration and programming, Automation Builder helps machine builders and system integrators to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with operating and maintaining automated systems.

ABB’s presence at Drives and Controls 2016 is part of its ongoing campaign to highlight the capabilities of modern automation technologies for UK manufacturing applications. By reducing operating costs, improving end-product quality and consistency and cutting energy consumption, ABB’s automation technologies can play a major role in helping UK manufacturers to unlock new levels of competitiveness and productivity.

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