WF2000 Utility

WF2000-Utility screenshots

WF2000 Utility is a fast and simple utility for testing or control ICP DAS’s WF-2000 series device as a Modbus client (also called master). It allows you to access the Holding, Discrete and Coil registers of your Modbus devices over Wi-Fi from the iPhone.

Just tap the menu on the top which shows the module’s name, and swipe it down. Then choice a device you are willing to communicate with. After entering the communication parameters for the device, tap the connection button. WF2000 Utility will polls the register automatically and shows its status on the screen, also you can change device’s output value via the button or slider (the APP send the Modbus command to the devices).

The devices and the iPhone must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Make sure you have configured your Wi-Fi setting before using this app, otherwise you will get connection error.

With WF2000 Utility you can:

  • Monitor remote I/O device which runs Modbus
  • Perform equipment demonstration
  • Use for development of Modbus device
  • Read Coils
  • Read Discrete Inputs
  • Read Holding Registers
  • Read Input Registers
  • Write Single Coil
  • Write Single Register


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