ICP DAS IIoT Cloud Solution

ICP DAS UA brochureUA Series IIoT Communication Server: Connect IT with OT, Integrate Cloud and Web APPs

The IIoT Cloud Solution of ICP DAS provides UA series of IIoT Communication Server for linking the front-end devices to the Cloud, connecting the IT, OT, Cloud and Web APP, and integrating the cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT).

This solution can improve the system performance and enhance your global IIoT competitiveness.

  • Built-in OPC UA, the new industrial communication standard: connect IT with OT for linking devices to the Cloud.
  • Built-in MQTT, the active M2M transmission mechanism: ensure Cloud messages secure, reliable and rapid.
  • Support IoTstar, the IoT cloud management software: integrate public & private Cloud, manage the Big Data.
  • Support IFTTT, for Cloud logic control: send device message to APP. Ex. FB, LINE, Mail, etc. about 500 APPs.
  • Support I/O Data Log: save local data log to CSV file, and record I/O statuses at the scheduled time. Support Remote DB Writing: change the OT data to IT, and provide IT analysis to the OT big data.