Machine Automation Motion Total Solutions

Machine Automation Motion Total SolutionsMotionnet is a high-speed serial communication system that includes a Master card and Slave modules. ICP DAS provides two categories of Slaves: the first is used for Digital I/O, and the other is used for motion control.

There are 3 main types of digital I/O modules: 32-ch Input, 32-ch Output and 16-ch Input/Output. Using these Slave devices, customers' actuators/sensors can easily be directly connected. Motion control modules can be used together with either a Servo motor or a Stepping motor from a variety of vendors.

Motionnet communication between a Master and the Slaves is based on a proprietary RS-485 technology (Multi-drop, Half-duplex) and provides the advantage of reduced wiring requirements together with the capability of long-distance and high-speed communication. Data transfer for the I/O modules is cyclical and time deterministic, so can be widely used for industrial automation applications.