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Can You Strip And Clean Your Metering Feeder In Less Than 10 Minutes? – We Can!

easy clean metering feeders

Reducing down-time is always a challenge for any business in the Powder Handling industry. Whether it’s to clean your machine or to maintain it, there’s no other way of looking at it – stopping production costs money!

Trantec’s Metering Feeders offer optional quick-release, easy-clean features for rapid dis-assembly and re-assembly of your machine. Our metering feeders, or screw feeders are suited to all industries, particularly Food and Pharmaceutical, as down-time is kept to a minimum when cleaning between batches, essential for avoiding cross-contamination.

The removable front cover is quickly detached by way of a clip at each side of the machine. This reveals the inside of the conditioning chamber which houses the independently driven agitator, used for breaking bridges that may form when metering non-free flowing materials.

The agitator can be swiftly removed to reveal the auger screw underneath, which is also instantly removed. The unique design of Trantec’s metering feeders means the shaft seals can also be removed in a matter of seconds, exposing the shafts for easy-cleaning.

Once all parts have been removed, the inside of the machine can be quickly cleaned and a second set of parts can be used to replace them. All-in-all down-time is kept to under 10 minutes and the used parts can then be placed in the dishwasher for sanitary cleaning. With only one or two moving parts, the auger screw and optional agitator, maintenance is kept to a minimum. This, along with our advanced design techniques means your metering feeder can run for longer.

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