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Sieving Solutions for Powder Coatings

powder coatings sieving

The installation of the Russell Compact Sieve reduces product waste and increases levels of productivity at Profel Extrusion & Finishing

Profel Extrusion & Finishing specialises in the extrusion of aluminium and processes around 14,000 tons of aluminium per year, 20% of which is used for the production of its windows and doors, while the other 80% is sold to customers in Europe mainly within the construction industry. To ensure only high quality frame products are supplied, the powder paint is screened before it is applied to eliminate any irregularities in the aluminium profiles.

The company was initially using small vibratory sieves but these could not meet capacity requirements as well as the screening accuracy needed. The company therefore approached Russell Finex for a sieving solution to their processing problems, and following consultations, a Russell Compact Sieve® fitted with a Vibrasonic® Deblinding System was provided promptly for testing at the customer’s site, to ensure the high quality standards could be met. After successful trials, Profel Extrusion & Finishing purchased four Russell Compact Sieves each fitted with an ultrasonic deblinding system.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a vibratory sieve which due to its compact design can easily be installed into existing production lines. Two of the four purchased sieves were installed at the end of the powder paint manufacturing line while the other two were installed within the powder coating line to sieve reclaimed powder paint. With the Russell Compact Sieves installed, Profel Extrusion & Finishing experienced less downtime and their internal quality assurance department reported less rejected profiles.

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