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Why become a sponsor?

Mass exposure

Quizzes are one of the most effective ways to keep readers engaged - add a prize into the equation and it's sure to increase that interest tenfold. The result: Your profile in front of 10's of 1,000's of potential new customers (and existing ones!)

Potential leads 24/7/365

At the end of each quiz, readers will need to enter their name & email in order to enter the competition and/or view the quiz result. These details will be automatically added to an email automation list for your company (via our service), and will be sent a pre-designed email from you to promote your products/services/ebooks/events/whitepapers/brochures etc.

It works in this format:

> Reader completes quiz

> Reader adds name & email to view results

> Reader added to automation list

> Reader receives personalised email from you

The quiz will remain on our website for a minimum of 12 months, so you will be automatically promoting your services to every new quiz entrant.

Please note due to the data protection act and GDPR we are unable to provide any entrants contact details

How we'll be promoting each quiz

  • The quiz will appear on every page of our website = 25,000+ impressions per week
  • Via our weekly E-newsletter sent to 15,000
  • On our social channels = 10,000+ followers (and paying to boost each quiz)
  • On our editor's LinkedIn profile = 7,000+ high-quality reader connections
  • There will be 'PII Quiz' homepage with all previous quizzes available


How will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced via the following weeks PIU E-newsletter, so this will increase both subscriptions and open rates of the E-newsletter, adding even greater value to it

What types of questions can we ask?

To keep the quizzes interesting and challenging, we require the questions to be moderately difficult, relating to your company and its products & services or relevant topics

How many questions can we ask?

Ideally between 10-20 

What is the question/answer format?

As on the example above, it will be a question, followed by multiple choice answers - we would recommend a maximum of 5 multiple choices. You can include images with each answer.

You can also split questions dependant on answers, so if answer 'A' is selected entrants will be diverted to a different question than if they answered with answer 'B'.  For example on question 6 on the above example, if you answered 'Yes' your'e taken to a different question to if you answered 'No'

Which dates are available?

The PII Quiz will start in January 2019 and there will be 52 quizzes. You can book as many as you like during this period. You can view the available weeks here

When do you require copy?

3 weeks prior to the quiz date