Future Proofing Your Motor Management Strategy

​Manufacturers sit at the cutting edge of the Industry 4.0 revolution. Technology is changing the industry as we know it – and manufacturers need to prepare for the impact advancements in tech are set to have. To do so, manufacturers need a clear vision as to how digitalisation is going to impact their sector. Whilst […]

What Is Green Hydrogen & How Can It Be Used?

​Currently, hydrogen is mainly used as a raw material in industry but is increasingly in focus as a medium for storing energy and as a fuel in the transport sector. Matt Doyle, Commercial Director of Jarrow-based Wescott Industrial Services, Offshore Wind Farm coating specialists, explains exactly what Green Hydrogen is and how we’ll probably be […]

How Process Manufacturing Facilities Can Embrace Steam In The 21st Century

​Steam plays a valuable role in meeting the requirements of modern manufacturing facilities. Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager at Spirax Sarco UK, discusses why more of those involved in the operation and management of manufacturing facilities should embrace steam in their process.​​​By Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager at Spirax Sarco UK Angelo Giambrone, Business Development […]

Reducing The Water Gap Through Effective Wastewater Treatment

Dr Mikael Khan is Chief Technology Officer at wastewater treatment technology and advisory company, Arvia Technology. Here, he discusses how effective wastewater treatment can form part of a worldwide effort to reduce the water gap and how process industry professionals can play their part;By Dr Mikael Khan, Chief Technology Officer of Arvia Technology Dr Mikael […]

Global Corporations Look To Water Reuse To Strengthen Resilience

Industrial companies that use a high volume of water in their processes are having to think carefully about the risk water scarcity poses to their operations. Paul O’Callaghan, chief executive, BlueTech Research, shares learnings from his dialogues with cross-sector industrial end-users about their innovation requirements and how they are closing the loop through wastewater reuse.​By […]

Designing Storage & Conveying Systems For Problem-Free Bulk Solids Dosing

Depending on the process requirements, a wide range of bulk solids batching, dosing and weighing systems are available in the market. It’s a fact that, properly selected weighing systems will provide many years of a problem free service with minimum loss of raw materials due to improper measurement.    By Süleyman Salihler, General Manager, Polimak […]

Metal Detection: Essential Process Line Protection

Metal detectors are a common sight in today’s processing facilities, and for good reason. Metal detection offers protection. They protect processing equipment from damage caused by metal, they protect the products people consume, and they protect brand image against recalls that can arise from contaminated product.​By Robert Slauson, Assistant Sales Manager at Advanced Detection Systems […]

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Guide – Getting It Right First Time

Tightening environmental standards and the rising cost of tankering wastewater mean more and more industrial process companies are taking control of their own Onsite Wastewater Treatment. However, many who have opted for onsite wastewater treatment facilities have had their fingers burned by badly planned and delivered projects. By Andrew Baird, Technical director of WPL Ltd Andrew Baird, […]

How Hoppers Work and How to Avoid Hopper Gravity Flow Problems

As a consultant engineer to the bulk solids handling and processing industry, problems relating to unreliable flow from storage vessels (hoppers, silos, bunkers) are a regular occurrence.  This paper sets out to explain how hoppers work, how design for reliable flow for a new vessel and retrofit techniques that be used to improve the discharge […]

Sludge Treatment and Purification Plants Solutions, Not sludge

​​The Water and Wastewater Industry is often faced with challenging applications such as the handling and transfer of hazardous chemicals or process fluids that are heavily laden with suspended solids and can often be highly viscous and abrasive. However, challenges also mean solutions!By Edward Shaw, Business Development Manager of Tapflo UK Ltd ​Sludge Treatment and […]