How Processing Plants Can Benefit From Optimising Waste Heat Recovery

​Given the need to reduce carbon emissions, protect our environment and reduce fossil fuel consumption, waste heat recovery is increasingly important. There are various ways that this can be done depending on the processes that are being undertaken that result in waste heat, the applications that the captured waste heat is going to be used […]

How Plant Managers Can Prepare For A Site Safety Audit

​Flight passenger safety procedures are so engrained in our minds that it often feels like there’s no need to review them when we get on a plane. As health and safety becomes second nature to us, do plant managers feel the same about an emergency situation in their facility? Here, Clive Jones, Managing Director of […]

Unleashing The Potential For Liquid Waste Streams

​Waste is increasingly being viewed as a resource. From well-established practices such as recycling paper and aluminium, to the development of the circular economy, an increasing volume of resources are now being recovered from materials that were previously seen only as inconvenient wastes. Matt Hale, International Sales and Marketing Director at HRS Heat Exchangers, looks […]

Good Vibrations – How Coriolis Measurement Techniques Keep the Scotch in Whisky

​When it comes to the production of Scotch whisky, accurate measurement is everything. Strict regulations around the taxation of alcoholic spirits, plus the added need to ensure a minimum alcohol content to qualify as an official Scotch, make it essential for whisky producers to make sure that the levels of alcohol in their beverage are […]

Eliminating Lubricant Contamination From Food Processing Machinery

​Contamination poses serious problems for food and beverage producers. As production becomes more and more reliant upon automated machines, there is yet another source of potential contaminants: spilt or leaking lubricants. Phil Burge, Marketing and Communications Manager at SKF describes how food and beverage manufacturers can avoid this problem. Phil Burge, SKFFood and beverage is […]

Is Decentralisation The Answer To Generating Off-grid Energy?

​The topic of energy is never far from the business and consumer agenda, and with good reason. Rising prices, uncertainty over supply and a focus on sustainability all mean that an innovative approach is needed. Duncan McPherson, CEO at leading gas engine specification and maintenance services provider, CooperOstlund, explains how generating off-grid energy may provide […]

How Digitalisation Is Shaping The Future Of The Food & Beverage Sector

​By definition, the food and beverage industry is fast moving and always changing; milk goes off, bread gets eaten, and we want to eat more salads in the summer. By Filip Schiettecat – Senior Director Industry Management – Siemens PLM Software Filip Schiettecat, Siemens PLM Software​But the combination of changing consumer demand, increasing regulation, complex supply […]

Understanding Power Transmission Technologies for Cooling Towers

Look for the right balance of initial cost versus lifetime cost By Jerome Jennings, Global Product Manager – Components, SPX Cooling Technologies Jerome Jennings, Global Product Manager, SPX Cooling TechnologiesCooling towers can use several power transmission technologies, including a gear drive, belt drive, direct drive, and electronically commutated (EC) drive.Each has advantages and disadvantages. The proper […]

Preparing Manufacturing Plants For Winter With Preventative Maintenance

​Martin Geobey, Managing Director, UK & Ireland, at IMI Precision Engineering, outlines how preventative maintenance programmes can help alleviate unforeseen and costly downtime issues as manufacturers get their plants ready for the winter months. Martin Geobey, IMI Precision Engineering Managing DirectorThe winter months present fresh challenges when it comes to keeping manufacturing plants running and […]

How Smart Manufacturers Are Using Light as a Service (LaaS)

​​Analyst insight into the UK manufacturing sector paints a picture of strong current performance ahead of critical strategic challenges. Brexit dominates the headlines, but it is far from the only hurdle on the horizon.​Graeme Shaw, Technical Application and Academy Manager, Zumtobel Group In its recent report ‘Pressure on the production line – Working capital in […]