Understanding Power Transmission Technologies for Cooling Towers

Look for the right balance of initial cost versus lifetime cost By Jerome Jennings, Global Product Manager – Components, SPX Cooling Technologies Jerome Jennings, Global Product Manager, SPX Cooling TechnologiesCooling towers can use several power transmission technologies, including a gear drive, belt drive, direct drive, and electronically commutated (EC) drive.Each has advantages and disadvantages. The proper […]

Preparing Manufacturing Plants For Winter With Preventative Maintenance

​Martin Geobey, Managing Director, UK & Ireland, at IMI Precision Engineering, outlines how preventative maintenance programmes can help alleviate unforeseen and costly downtime issues as manufacturers get their plants ready for the winter months. Martin Geobey, IMI Precision Engineering Managing DirectorThe winter months present fresh challenges when it comes to keeping manufacturing plants running and […]

How Smart Manufacturers Are Using Light as a Service (LaaS)

​​Analyst insight into the UK manufacturing sector paints a picture of strong current performance ahead of critical strategic challenges. Brexit dominates the headlines, but it is far from the only hurdle on the horizon.​Graeme Shaw, Technical Application and Academy Manager, Zumtobel Group In its recent report ‘Pressure on the production line – Working capital in […]

Compressed Air Predictive & Preventative Maintenance Strategies

​Keith Atkinson, EMEAI Sales Manager at Gardner Denver, advises on the most effective predictive and preventative maintenance strategies for compressed air users. Keith Atkinson, EMEAI Sales Manager at Gardner DenverBusinesses of all sizes have become increasingly wary of purchasing a compressed air system that’s available for a lower upfront cost, only for issues to arise […]

Calibration Tips to Keep Quality High & Costs Low in the Food Industry

Manufacturing standards within the food industry are among the most heavily regulated in today’s market, and it is essential that calibration forms an integral part of a food processor’s quality and safety programme.  With this in mind, HBM discusses how regular calibration can help to reduce overall costs and minimise error to ensure accurate, traceable […]

Advantages of Canned & Mag Drive Pumps over Mechanical Sealed Pumps

Magnetic drive (mag drive) and canned pumps offer numerous advantages over traditional mechanical sealed process pumps. In fact there are few reasons not to use a mag drive or canned pump.  In this article, we take a look at the advantages of mag drive and canned pumps and explore why they aren’t used more. By Malcolm […]

What is the Common Filler Used in Plastic Injection Moulding?

​The plastic injection moulding process is capable of dealing with a great range of polymeric feedstock to create complex yet sturdy products.  However, there are many instances where the material is non-virgin stock, and it is often the case that a filler or additive material will be mixed in with the polymer feedstock for specific […]

Are Dirty Condenser Coils Costing Your Company?

How much do dirty condenser coils cost your company? No idea? You are not alone. Condenser coil cleaning is one of the most overlooked maintenance jobs.  The dirtier the coils get, the more they increase the compressor’s energy consumption whilst reducing the ability to transfer heat, put additional stress on components and increase the likelihood […]

Alternative Water Sources For Food And Drink Manufactures

Bradley Unwin, Business Development Manager of Lubron Water Technologies ponders alternative water sources for food and drink manufactures.The Federation House Commitment was very successful in reducing water consumption in food and drink manufacturing by 15% between 2007 and 2014, but the sector is still one of the largest of the UK’s industrial consumers. ​Most of […]

Essential Tips For Food Industry Enclosure Temperature Management

Food processing is a sector that demands very high levels of efficiency to meet daily production targets. And productivity is a growing issue for food production worldwide. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs expects the global population to be in excess of 11 billion by 2100.By Karl Lycett – Product Manager – […]