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Pumps Market is Projected to Hit USD 91 Billion By 2025

​Over the past few years, the global pumps market has emerged as one of the most lucrative spheres in the industrial sector. Powered by the fast-paced industrial expansion across the globe and rising investment in oil and gas exploration activities, the global pumps industry has registered appreciable momentum lately, and is endorsed by a widespread application landscape.

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​A research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. claims that pumps market will accrue more than US $91 billion by the year 2025, in terms of revenue.

Speaking of rising O&G exploration programs, recently, oil and gas giant Chevron Corporation has doubled its stake in burgeoning US oil & gas sector by announcing that it would purchase shale generator Anadarko Petroleum Corp for USD 33 Billion.

This deal would make Chevron Corporation the world’s second biggest producer of crude. The new entity will produce an anticipated 3.9 million barrels of oil equivalent per day, only following publicly traded company Exxon Mobil Corporation. Undeniably, the high consumption of pumps in oil & gas extraction plants will positively influence pumps market trends in the approaching years.

Other key factors driving pumps industry share include increasing usage of pumps, owing to their lucrative advantages, across a slew of sectors like building & construction, industrial, municipal, oil & gas, and other domestic activities.

Technological advancements in the construction sector owing to the massive requirement of residential and commercial infrastructure across the globe will certainly propel pumps market forecast and positively influence the product demand.

For example, dewatering pumps are widely used in construction applications for the purpose of reducing the water level of construction sites, excavated areas, and sediment basin located below the groundwater level to enhance operational proficiency and abrasion resistance. 

Analysing the competitive terrain of pumps market

The noteworthy players transforming pumps industry outlook include Gardner Denver, MultiQuip Generac, Flowserve Corp., Magnum, Xylem Inc., Gorman Rupp, Atlas Copco, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Shimadzu Corp., Sulzer Ltd., Grundfos, Wacker Neuson, and Ebara Corp. Enumerated below are a few vital instances that have served to provide an impetus to the global pumps industry trends in recent times.

Atlas Copco completes WEDA electric submersible dewatering pumps portfolio

Atlas Copco is slated to strengthen its position in pumps market in the coming years by giving tough competition to other leading contenders. According to recent reports, Atlas Copco Power Technique has completed its WEDA electrical submersible dewatering pumps product range, with a full line of on-site pump requirements. 

Newly expanded ranges include WEDA S range for sludge and WEDA D range for dewatering together with the entirely new WEDA L range which is capable of handling semi-liquid slurry. The S and D series pumps are enriched with WEDA+ features, encompassing rotation control, phase failure protection, thermal switches, and a 20 meter cable. 

These pumps also have a phase shifter plug for three phase versions; moreover, all WEDA+ features are available for the L range pumps as an option. Also, the decreased weight of pumps makes them easier to handle and transport, making them particularly attractive across the construction equipment rental market

Ebara Corporation launches new air-cooled dry vacuum pump model for general industrial users

Ebara Corporation has reportedly introduced a new lightweight, small sized air-cooled dry vacuum pump Model EV-PA that creates a cleaner vacuum atmosphere in varied evacuation applications for medical equipment, analytical instruments, as well as for the coating and food industries. Such innovative, lightweight, and easy-to-manage industrial equipment contribute to the enrichment of industrial infrastructure and thus are in high demand worldwide. 

This product has been developed by EBARA to satisfy intricate customer requirements in the food, analysis, medical, and coating industries, by deploying the one of its kind dry vacuum pump technology. Incidentally, this technology is an outcome of its years of experience in the semiconductor industry, where the need for vacuum quality, pump maintenance, and cleanliness are stringent.

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The features of the new models namely EV-PA50, EV-PA 250, and EV-PA 500 are listed below:

  1. These models support a pumping speed from 50 to 500 L/min.
  2. The product weighs only 9 to 21 kg, making it easily portable, and increasing its attractiveness for a broad range of applications.
  3. The back current of oil or water does not occur.
  4. The product has low seal replacement requirements as it uses a non-contact seal. 

In view of the immensely competitive business space, EBARA will continue to develop products and services that contribute to enhancing customer productivity and decreasing costs, in a bid to establish a unique position in pumps industry,

Gorman-Rupp expands its line of solids-handling submersible pumps  

The Gorman-Rupp, a market leader in high performance pump systems, has lately introduced four new entrants SF6F, SF6E, SF4F, and SF4E as a part of the expansion of its solids-handling SF Series® submersible pumps. These new add-ons to the portfolio offer flows to 1580 GPM and heads to 114 feet in HP configuration ranging from 15 to 30 horsepower.

Given the single-vane impeller design of the new models, they need lower horsepower for providing enhanced flow and head. The new range of SF Series® products is now available with more than 24 models in 8”, 6”, 4”, and 3” flanged discharge sizes & horsepower configurations ranging from 3 to75 HP.

This line of solids-handling submersible pumps is available in dry pit, slide rail, and construction/trash versions for deployment in most liquid-extraction applications. Virtually all models belonging to SF Series® pump contain CSA C-US consent for standard applications, and CSA C-US and FM approval for hazardous sites.

The Gorman-Rupp is projected to expand its pumps market share in the approaching years, on account of technological advancements and introduction of a vast array of user friendly and revolutionary products.

Submersible pumps market is projected to grow with a CAGR of 2.1 percent in the ensuing years due to high demand from mining applications.

To combat the most intricate construction and mining applications Xylem launches new Godwin S Series dewatering pump

Xylem Inc, a world leader in water technology dedicated to resolving the most challenging water issues prevailing globally, has recently declared the launch of its latest smart pumps under its popular brand Godwin S Series.

The newfangled range of Godwin CD150S Dri-Prime dewatering pump has been specifically designed to counter the toughest construction and mining applications, allowing European customers to dig deeper and erect bigger.

The new pump system has been completely redesigned with enhanced hydraulic efficiency, superior fuel economy, and streamlined serviceability to offer about 20 percent greater uptime, 15 percent improved fuel economy, and 40 percent less service time.

The interchangeable impellers of the Godwin CD150S would empower customers to tackle a complete range of solids handling operations, while Xylem’s new generation of FST provides customers full control of the pump from anywhere on the planet. It also complies with EU Stage 5 emission standards, giving customers a more sustainable solution to intricate water challenges.

The unique feature laden pump variants of Xylem Inc will fuel product demand and enhance the company’s share in pumps market. 

Analysing the regional landscape of pumps industry

The Asia Pacific is touted to be the world leader in pumps market and is followed by Europe and North America. 

The Asia Pacific presently holds the biggest share of the global market and has been valued over US $36 billion. Moreover, the region is projected to demonstrate a CAGR of 3 percent over 2019 - 2025. 

The growth of Asia Pacific pumps market is majorly driven by factors like increasing industrialisation and building & construction activities in the region. For instance, China has recently revealed plans to construct 30 logistics hubs by the year 2020 and increase it to 150 by the year 2025.

The new plan has been jointly publicised by the nation’s fiscal planning agency, namely the National Development and Reform Commission and the Transportation Ministry of China. Emerging economies of the region such as Indonesia, China, and India are the key contributors for regional development.

Also, increasing footprint of the oil and gas exploration market players in the Asia Pacific is positively impacting pumps market size. Some mature oil & gas reserves are found in India and China, and certain areas of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

At present, new oil frontiers are under development in other nations such as Myanmar and the Philippines, offering lucrative growth prospects to pumps industry contenders.

European and American oil & gas titans have started ramping up their business in the Asia-Pacific, with a focus on capitalising on the region’s rapidly growing industrial arena. In addition to this, exploration of unconventional oil & gas reserves in deeper and remote waters is markedly gaining traction across the APAC belt. 

In a nutshell, pumps market is estimated to traverse alongside a highly lucrative growth trajectory in the approaching years, on account of burgeoning consumption across an array of industries.

Given the considerable increase in LNG demand across the APAC, the oil and gas exploration end-use segment of pumps market is slated to secure sizable proceeds in the future. As per credible estimates, in 2017 Chinese LNG demand spiked by a record 8 million tonnes and is projected to further escalate in the coming years.

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