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Industrial Vision System Specialist Launches New Website

Scorpion Vision, UK leading distributors of machine vision systems, have made some innovative changes to their website optimising ease of use for their customers

Scorpion Vision have re-energised their website to make it easier for customers to access their industrial camera and vision systems. The changes to the website have meant that, for the first time, people in the UK can research, specify and order imaging components online through the Scorpion Vision website. Scorpion Vision are already a nationwide distributor and the new website will make it easier for people to access exactly what they want with greater efficiency.

Commenting on the newly designed website, Paul Wilson of Scorpion Vision, has said:

“Scorpion Vison has been providing imaging technology for a very long time now. We realise that simplicity is the key. To reflect this, the newly designed site has striven to make it as easy as possible for people to find exactly what they are looking for. We have added some useful new tools on our website to help our customers do this.””

Some of the features include a lens calculator which helps to work out what focal length is required given the sensor details and object distance and size. There is also an automatic lens selector that allows the user to put in basic search terms from a dropdown list of options. For example, people searching can now select 6mm in the search options and it will now display all the 6mm lenses in stock. The redesign also allows users to add extra filters and enables the choice of specific lens mount types.

Scorpion Vision hold stock of most lenses and represent 4 camera manufacturers. This gives them a full portfolio of all the current sensor technologies. Their industrial camera models are now displayed on the website by interface type. There is now also a category specifically dedicated to industrial autofocus and zoom cameras. Users can compare camera brands and models all on one page. Specific sensor can be found by using the camera selector. For example, a search on the Sony IMX252 will display all cameras from all manufacturers with that sensor. They can also filter with other specifications such as electrical interface type.

Scorpion Vision have been providing machine vision systems and machine vision expertise since 2004. They pride themselves on their excellent service, their vast knowledge and their ability to ship for next day delivery. They are now a leader in imaging products sales within the UK.

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