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Molasses Tanks For Beet Harvest

Molasses Tanks For Beet Harvest

Although the UK’s farmers will not be harvesting their beet crops until around December onwards, it’s time to start planning ahead when it comes to storing molasses, a by-product of this harvest. Proven time and time again to be one of the best bases for a multitude of animal feeds, molasses should be stored correctly in order for the consistency and nutritional content to be maintained for when it’s needed.

In addition to a comprehensive range of tanks for farming, including plastic water tanks, cone bottom tanks, horizontal tanks and vertical storage tanks, Enduramaxx produces a range of molasses tanks made from rotationally-moulded heavy-duty UV-stabilised polyethylene. So molasses are kept in optimum condition. Available in a range of sizes from 5000 litres through to 25000 litres, these molasses tanks enable farmers to buy and store molasses in bulk.

The molasses tanks feature moulded lugs in the roof to allow for lifting and tie-down, they are ribbed for improved strength and these guaranteed tanks certainly won’t corrode. They are impact resistant, long lasting and will serve your business for years and years to come.

To find out more about the Enduramaxx molasses tank range, along with our extensive range of water tanks, horizontal tanks and vertical storage tanks for most agricultural applications, get in touch now!


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