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NSK solutions for the food and beverage industry


The food and beverage sector has been a long-held area of focus for NSK, which is one the world´s largest manufacturers of rolling bearings. Specific to this industry, NSK rolling bearings feature highly relevant design attributes such as rustproof materials, sealed construction and lifelong lubricants that are compatible with foodstuffs.

Continuous, high-speed operation and the most stringent of hygiene standards and operating conditions call for reliable, robust bearings that facilitate cost-effective production. Outstanding performance and maintenance-free operation must be assured, despite having to withstand high temperatures, water and chemicals. The bearings must also prevent any contamination of foodstuffs safely and reliably.

Bearing applications for food production include raw material, primary (cutting and mixing), secondary (moulding), conveying, inspection, heating and packaging processes, while beverage applications focus on bottle moulding, filling, sealing, inspection and packing.

To help simplify the bearing choice in such processes, NSK has renewed its catalogue entitled ´Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industries´. This comprehensive publication features an overview of the sector and highlights the individual needs of food and beverage processing lines. Core products are also presented.

Available to download from NSK´s e-books platform at www.nsk-literature.com, the updated ´Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industries´ catalogue is available in English, and will soon be accompanied by other language versions.


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