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To operate any process efficiently, it is essential to actuate, measure, record and control. ABB is your best partner when selecting measurement solutions that deliver maximum return on your investment. When investing in ABB’s measurement products and solutions you are receiving the best technology, reliability and service in the business.

New NiTemp Non-Invasive Temperature Sensor Opens Unprecedented Opportunities For Temperature Measurement In Process Plants Worldwide

ABB’s new NiTemp non-invasive temperature sensor offers a simpler and safer way of measuring process temperature without the need to shut down a pipeline, drill a hole, or install a thermowell. With its innovative double sensor architecture and specially developed calculation algorithm, NiTemp greatly enhances safety and reduces installation costs without sacrificing the quality of the measurement. The device is designed for surface measurement and eliminates the need for a.. More ...

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Critical Vulnerability Discovered in ABB GATE E1 & E2 Pluto Gateway devices

Nelson Berg, an Applied Risk researcher, has discovered multiple vulnerabilities in the ABB GATE E1 and ABB GATE E2 Pluto Gateway units. The first vulnerability concerns a Missing Authentication for Critical Functions vulnerability, and the second a Persistent Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability. The ABB GATE E1/E2 Pluto Gateway units provide two-way communication between a Pluto Safety PLC and other field buses. The devices are commonly used in a range of industries such as Oil & Gas,.. More ...

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ABB Touchscreen Paperless Recorder Gets Powerful New Features

New functions for RVG200 touchscreen paperless data recorder help users to get even more from their process data ABB has expanded the capabilities of its RVG200 paperless touchscreen recorder with the addition of new functions providing users with greater flexibility in collecting, displaying and accessing data. The RVG200’s simplicity and range of features including high security data storage, easy remote access and scalability, has made it a popular choice in a wide range of.. More ...

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Abb Ability Smart Sensor Now Also Monitors Pumps

The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor provides data for the predictive maintenance of low voltage motors. In partnership with Emile Egger, a Swiss producer of pumps, ABB has now developed the solution to remotely monitor pumps. The pump manufacturer Emile Egger is constantly on the look-out for ways to improve its products and processes. Michel Grimm, Egger's chief business development officer and grandson of company founder Emile Egger, became aware of the ABB Ability Smart Sensor in early.. More ...

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ABB Provides Modular Enabled Automation Solutions For The Process Industry

Modular automation is the cornerstone of future process plants and crucial in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, enabling reduced time to market, increased automation efficiency and higher flexibility. The process industry is facing a harsh global competition and changing market requirements such as more customised products, shorter delivery times and smaller batch series down to batch size 1. This goes in hand with an accelerating pace of innovation. ABB has developed a modular.. More ...

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