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We supply air operated and manual Pinch Valves to a wide range of industries and applications including some of the most aggressive products. We use the most economical and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods for our Pinch Valves.
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Our customers are based all over the UK and include various sized companies from small businesses to large ‘blue chip’ organisations.
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Our Pinch Valves are sold at competitive prices with after sales back up. With their 100% full bore and leak tight seal, AKO Pinch Valves are proven to be the most reliable solution for bulk handling. We offer free CAD drawings and free assembly videos.
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AKO UK is a British company that stocks and sells pneumatic Pinch Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Hand Operated Pinch Valves, Pinch Valve accessories and Aeration products. We also provide various other valves of including Knife Gate Valves and Butterfly Valves. The advent of a wider product range gives AKO UK the opportunity to offer the British industry more solutions to the controlled movement of bulk materials and liquids. Quality is important to us, and we promise our customers reliable Pinch Valves and products at competitive prices, with the best service and support possible. AKO UK Ltd bought out Paladon PV in February 2000 due to its excellent reputation with over 20 years of selling the Pinch Valve. We hold the largest Pinch Valve stock in the UK, as well as Pinch Valve Spares and other products. We develop and design our valves using research and development including the latest CAD, analysis and simulation software. Our customers are based all over the UK and include various sized companies from small businesses to large ‘blue chip’ organisations. We sell competitive priced, reliable products and offer a fast, dependable delivery service along with full sales and after-sales support. We always have and always will continue to be focused on customer service. AKO UK Ltd is proud to be small enough to care and big enough to compete.

Abrasion Resistant Valves and Water Flow

Abrasion resistant valve types with a smaller bore size such as 25mm have been victoriously used in a water pumping system. The abrasion resistant valves are used on a landfill site using air pumps operating at about 4.5 bar where it is required to pump to another area when the tank fills up and the valve closes. One abrasion resistant valve is often tested on a trial basis and when it is proven to be working satisfactory, more valves are installed on various other plants. (image) .. More ...

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The Function of Low Blocking Valves

Low blocking valves of the pinch-close type comprise of a very simple design that offers high reliability in a wide range of applications across many industries. The flexible tube embedded inside the housing of the valve enables it to achieve the pinching mechanism, which helps in controlling the flow of media mechanically or through external pressure. Low blocking valves are known for their high versatility, full bore design, and low maintenance, and are preferred over other types of.. More ...

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Valves for Cement in Powder & Sludge Forms

(image) The Ease of Valves for Cement Using tanker pinch valves for cement involves an easy process, thanks to the ease and simple design of the pinch valve. What happens during the transfer process of cement from a tanker to a silo is that a hose is attached to pipework where pinch valve for cement is installed in the normally open position. The cement powder is then blown through the hose, through the pinch valve and into the silo storage vessel at 2 BAR pressure. The pressure is usually.. More ...

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Quick Closing Valve - The AKO Pinch Valve Beats All

Quick Closing Valve Expectations One of the most important factors of any type of valve on the market is it"s closing speed. For an accurate shutoff of any product, many engineers and valve users/operators require a valve closing time that is as fast as possible. The AKO pinch valve is an extremely quick closing valve, and under tests has performed lightening fast closing times. The sleeve inside these quick closing valves is made from a reinforced rubber elastomer. The rubber is.. More ...

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Valves for Slurry are Wear Resistant

Valves for slurry of the pinch/squeeze closed type are the best solution for automatic shut-off, in particular with use on dust, suspension materials, sewage, air venting, slurries, sand, powders etc. They come with a variety of choice for the end connections either side of the body, which include tri-clamps, weld-on ends, threaded spigot, Flanged PN10/16, ANSI 150 flanged, internally threaded BSP sockets, RJT connections, and threaded hose nozzles. These wide range of connection options.. More ...

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