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Design and Fabrication of Processing Equipment, Components and tube and pipe fittings to a wide variety of Industries. Design and build membrane filtration systems for separation, purification and concentration applications
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Industries such as Environmental, Aerospace, Bio-Pharm & Pharmaceutical, Brewing, Chemical, Cosmetic & Toiletries, Dairy, Food & Beverage
Why choose us:
Axium maintains a high standard and professional service while offering bespoke and off the shelf solutions.
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Food and Beverage
Oil and Gas
Paper and Pulp
Water and Wastewater
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Axium Process is a specialist stainless steel system fabricator supplying custom built processing equipment, components, tube and pipe fittings that meet the individual requirements of our customers.  We are committed to providing the best possible value for money in terms of design, fabrication, product quality and consistency, delivery and traceability. Working across a number of industries we can provide a complete engineering service that incorporates:

  • Project design and management capabilities
  • Product and process development
  • Machining, orbital and manual welding, fabrication and polishing
  • Full materials traceability
  • Validation, testing and qualification to the highest levels
  • 3D drawings to customer specification
  • Technical and training support
  • Comprehensive stock of  filters, valves, manways, tube and pipe fittings
Accreditation ISO 9001

Axium Process is an ISO 9001 registered company and operates rigorous procedures to ensure that all aspects of material selection, design, production, packaging and delivery conform to customer specification.


Axium Process has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety.


Axium Process operates within a wide spectrum of industries providing bespoke engineering solutions that encompasses the design of bespoke components through to design, build and commissioning of membrane filtration systems for the treatment of effluent, water and product recovery. Whilst we primarily work in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy, chemical, cosmetics and toiletries industries we also provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the textile, aerospace and nuclear industries.

Technical Support

Our engineers routinely offer advice relating to cost reduction in the construction of fabrications in stainless steel. They can also, as part of the construction service, offer information relating to hygiene, CIP and SIP for sanitary duties. Process advice, specifically related to membrane systems, is offered during trials and discussions. Advice on plant cleaning for CIP systems and membrane applications is provided in depth. In addition to project design and process development, we can provide training for customers of membrane filtration systems who wish to optimise operator and plant performance.

Bespoke Stainless Steel Duplex, Triplex Multiplex Filter Systems

Axium Process’ robust and versatile duplex, triplex and multiplex stainless steel filter systems are improving process efficiencies and providing substantial cost savings in respect of reduced downtime and screen disposal costs for processors operating in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, confectionery and chemical industries. Engineered to cater for footprint, flow rate and dirt loading restrictions, the company’s duplex, triplex and multiplex filter options are ideally suited for.. More ...

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Axium Process’ Membrane Filtration Systems are “On the Move”

Axium Process design and manufacture Containerised Membrane Filtration Systems that offer a highly flexible and cost effective solution for processing liquid products and effluents, along with separation and recovery of valuable compounds. Axium’s Containerised Systems offer a bespoke solution to suit specific site parameters and conditions, providing flexibility of location, easy transportation and low cost installation benefits. Planning Permission is not usually required and Civils.. More ...

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Membrane Filtration System Helps Remove Suspended Solids & Bioburden From Raw Plant Extracts

Ransom Naturals Ltd (RNL), part of the OBG Pharmaceuticals Group and a leading developer and manufacturer of natural products and extracts to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetic, Food and Drinks Industries has been working closely with membrane filtration specialists, Axium Process, to develop a system that would process an aqueous or solvent based extraction process to reliably remove suspended solids and bioburden from raw plant extracts to meet product specifications. Following.. More ...

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Fully Optimised CIP Systems Designed To Enhance Plant Hygiene & Production Efficiencies

Clean-in-Place Systems (CIP) are now an essential part of most hygienic manufacturing processes and designing the optimum CIP System for a given application will ultimately depend upon a comprehensive understanding of the product being purged and cleaned, plant operating parameters, flows, temperatures and  pressures in order to get the best results and enhance production processes. Axium Process specialises in the design and fabrication of fully automated CIP skids, complete with control.. More ...

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Membrane Technology Produces High Value Yield From Waste Products

Filtration specialists, Axium Process, has firmly established that membrane technology can improve or create new and sustainable revenue streams from By-products, potentially adding significant value in production applications across a wide range of process industries. Recent pilot trials carried out by Axium’s engineers on extracted proteins from egg waste have caused great interest from egg processors as once purified can be used in animal feeds. Membranes are ideal for this type.. More ...

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