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Design and manufacturer indicators and displays for hazardous areas.
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Design and manufacturer indicators and displays for hazardous areas.
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Food and Beverage
Glass, Ceramics, Cement
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Oil and Gas
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Water and Wastewater
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Simplify Process Timing In Hazardous & Non-hazardous Areas

BEKA associates extensive new range of Timers and Clocks simplify process timing in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Including panel and field mounting models which can be configured to function with most sensors, they feature easy to read dual displays. These versatile instruments can be configured on-site as a Timer or as a Clock. As a Timer they can measure and display the elapsed time between external events using sensors connected to one or both inputs. Optional dual control.. More ...

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New Tachometers: Just The Ticket For Speed Measurements In All Zones

BEKA associates extensive new range of Tachometers simplify speed measurement and display in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Featuring panel and field mounting models which can be configured to function with most sensors, they have bold easy to read displays simultaneously showing speed and total time that the monitored machinery has been operating. All models can be supplied with an internally powered display backlight, dual isolated alarms, a synchronous isolated pulse output and a.. More ...

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One and two input Counters simplify applications in hazardous and safe areas

BEKA associates new one and two input pulse Counters can economically perform industrial counting functions in hazardous and safe areas. All models have large easy to read displays with optional backlighting, isolated synchronous pulse and 4/20mA outputs, plus dual alarms. The two input Counters can display the sum or difference of the inputs in engineering units and when configured for use with a quadrature encoder, the position and speed of a shaft or cable can be shown. .. More ...

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New Rate Totalisers Offer Choice of Enclosures

BEKA associates have introduced third generation Rate Totalisers which provide an easy to read display of rate and total flow in the same or different engineering units from almost any pulse output flowmeter. They include the features and functions most frequently requested by users during the past ten years, including two inputs, linearisation, smaller enclosures for applications where panel space is limited and even larger digits in the 144 x 72mm models. A rugged 316 stainless steel.. More ...

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Rugged Set Point Station for Ex e, Ex n, Ex p or Ex t Panel Enclosure Installation

A new BEKA ATEX & IECEx certified intrinsically safe rugged panel mounting Set Point Station [set point generator], enables the current flowing in a 4/20mA loop to be manually adjusted from within a hazardous area. Housed in a 316 stainless steel enclosure, this new instrument may be safely installed in an Ex e, Ex p, Ex n or Ex t panel enclosure without invalidating the enclosure"s certification allowing easy integration with plant control equipment. The instrument is loop powered.. More ...

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