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Supply flow meters and provide flow measurement solutions.
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Our client base ranges from private individuals to major corporations in both the public and private sectors in every conceivable industry sector.
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Our solutions are cost effective and are designed to achieve a combination of accuracy and performance.
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Energy and Power
Food and Beverage
Oil and Gas
Water and Wastewater
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North America
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TGF600 Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Syngas

Syngas or ‘synthesis gas' is a combination of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, small quantities of carbon dioxide and other trace gases. Syngas is the result of gasification of various carbon-containing fuels to produce a gaseous product with heating value. This is what we know as Syngas. Thermal mass flow meters are the most suitable flow meters for Syngas. Comate TGF600 flow meters are being fitted to environmentally sound Syngas engines manufactured in the UK. They generate.. More ...

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LQ800 Multi Channel Water Analyser Controller

Introducing the new Model LQ800 Multi Channel Controller from ECD. The LQ800 provides a complete analytical fluid measurement and process solution, designed to operate with up to eight digital analytical and process sensors. The measurement parameter options include above 50 unique separate liquid measurement sensors including: pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, dissolved oxygen, selective ion, turbidity, flow, and also level, alongside many other fluid analytical measurements. .. More ...

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Complete Packaging Systems For Pharmaceutical Applications

Seamless System for product handling and packaging     Gentle product handling and accurate placement with feed placer     Horizontal flow wrapper with hermetic sealing ensures product protection     Flexibility to suit different layout and production requirements To meet pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers’ needs for increased productivity, Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading provider of processing and packaging solutions, highlights its complete line.. More ...

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Clamp on & Go Liquid Flow Meters

Dynasonics have developed a range of simple-to-fit, ultrasonic clamp-on liquid flow meters for pipes from 13mm to 5000mm in diameter. Dynasonics meters clamp on to the outside of pipes and don’t contact the internal liquid, technology with advantages including: non-invasive installation, zero pressure head loss, no moving parts, no fluid compatibility issues and a bi-directional measuring range at low and high flow rates. The DXN™ is a portable, touchscreen meter with both transit.. More ...

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