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Bürkert is present in thirtyfive countries around the world.

We also work with a large network of distributors and partners, which means we are as close as possible to our customers. This global presence ensures full service and support to all of our customers in every country around the world. Research is the lifeblood of our company.

At Bürkert, we are never satisfied with the status quo and are continually seeking new technologies and solutions for our customers. Every year, our people develop new and highly advanced products and solutions, ranging from integrated process measurement and control units to the most sophisticated systems used in pharmaceutical research.

To be a market leader, we are also an R&D leader. Therefore, our investment in research & development is one of the highest in our industry. In our research centres in Germany and France, 150 people are committed to working for a common future for our company and our customers. We are committed to offering our expertise wherever it is needed, anywhere in the world. This global presence ensures that our advances in fluid control technology are also global.

Multifunction Controller Boasts Ethernet Connectivity For Simplified Operation

The Type 8619 multiCELL controller from Burkert is a popular choice for delivering multi-channel measurement and control for a range of sensors. Now the benefits for process control systems have been extended with the addition of Ethernet connectivity, which will reduce installation time and greatly improve the connectivity of the control network. With direct connection of a wide range of sensors to measure parameters such as flow rate, pH, ORP, temperature and conductivity, the multiCELL.. More ...

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Solenoid control without the bang: working in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The automation of process control systems is very important for improving efficiency and reliability. In the majority of cases, this can be achieved quite easily, but in situations where the whole atmosphere poses a potential risk, finding the best solution can be quite a challenge. Paul Hobden, Bürkert UK ATEX solenoid valve champion, looks at the challenges surrounding process control in potentially explosive atmospheres and how they can be overcome. Process control achieved using.. More ...

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Automated Oxygenation System For Brewers’ Worts

Campden BRI report confirms effectiveness of automated mass-flow solution for higher accuracy management of oxygen levels in brewing processes Precise control over the oxygenation of brewers’ wort is one of the key aspects to manufacturing a high-quality beer with consistent flavour and strength. Bürkert’s Air Dosing System has been trialled by respected independent food & drink technology company Campden BRI and found to deliver on-target results. The process of creating beer.. More ...

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Reverse Osmosis Membranes – How Critical Are They To Your Operation?

High purity water is used in several industries such as pharmaceutical production and power generation, where reverse osmosis (RO) or nano-filtration plants are used to purify the process water. However, the integrity of the filter membranes is vital, so sampling procedures are required to monitor their performance. Bürkert aims to make this process quicker and easier with its latest sampling system solution. Water filtration down to microscopic, or even Nano-levels, is a very important.. More ...

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Creating An Application Specific Solution for Micro Dosing

Industries that employ micro dosing technology such as pharmaceuticals, medical applications including in-vitro diagnosis, environmental analysis and inkjet printing represent a diverse variety of applications. What is essential for all of them is that the most appropriate design and materials choice can be made for each one. Tony Brennan, Field Segment Manager Gas & Micro for Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, looks at the technology involved in micro dosing and how the latest.. More ...

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