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Manufacture of process equipment. One of the few manufacturers to provide solutions for the complete control loop.
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High quality products, competent technical people who provide process solutions.
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Bürkert is present in thirtyfive countries around the world.

We also work with a large network of distributors and partners, which means we are as close as possible to our customers. This global presence ensures full service and support to all of our customers in every country around the world. Research is the lifeblood of our company.

At Bürkert, we are never satisfied with the status quo and are continually seeking new technologies and solutions for our customers. Every year, our people develop new and highly advanced products and solutions, ranging from integrated process measurement and control units to the most sophisticated systems used in pharmaceutical research.

To be a market leader, we are also an R&D leader. Therefore, our investment in research & development is one of the highest in our industry. In our research centres in Germany and France, 150 people are committed to working for a common future for our company and our customers. We are committed to offering our expertise wherever it is needed, anywhere in the world. This global presence ensures that our advances in fluid control technology are also global.

Bürkert virtual exhibition stand offers web and VR visitor experience

Virtual exhibition pioneer Bürkert UK has launched a new interactive stand on multiple platforms catering for both web visitors and VR users If you type ‘virtual exhibition stand’ into Google, the first result after the adverts is burkertve.co.uk Bürkert UK’s virtual exhibition - and has been for the last five years. When clicking the link now however visitors will experience the new larger stand with fresh content and navigation. Seeing the latest products in photoreal HD 3D is.. More ...

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Smart Water Monitoring Down Under

Municipal water treatment service saves time and money with an integrated water quality monitoring solution Providing high-quality water supplies is an essential service delivered by municipal authorities and utility companies around the world. Maintaining water quality requires constant monitoring and testing to ensure accurate measurements are being taken. [caption id="attachment_41044" align="aligncenter" width="765"](image) The remote field monitoring system providing real time.. More ...

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Flexible Water Analysis Solution Saves Time And Money For Clean Water Monitoring

Maintaining clean water quality is extremely important for both consumers collecting it from the tap and for manufacturers that rely on it as a key constituent part of a process. Efficient measuring and monitoring of parameters such as pH, iron content and turbidity, is a constant challenge for many water utilities and food & beverage producers. Now there is a flexible, modular system that uses smart cube technology to save space, time and money. Traditionally, clean water analysis.. More ...

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Bürkert Appoints New Midlands Account Manager

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has welcomed a new Account Manager for the Midlands region, with the appointment of A to the position. Thomas will be working directly with Bürkert customers, drawing on his innate experience and Bürkert’s huge capability in process and measurement control to specify optimum solutions for end user applications. Thomas brings a great deal of experience to the Bürkert team. With expertise in specifying products for manufacturers of burners, boilers,.. More ...

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Reducing Reagent Costs For In-Vitro Diagnostic Equipment

Modern healthcare relies on clinical and biological analysis of samples to deliver accurate diagnoses and provide targeted treatment for patients. Much of the equipment used to perform the analysis uses reagents and cleaning fluids to establish accurate results and prevent cross-contamination. The efficient handling of reagents can therefore contribute toward cost reduction and increased service availability. Tony Brennan, Field Segment Manager, .gas & .micro at Bürkert, looks at how.. More ...

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