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Non-contact temperature sensors and systems for all industries. Manufacturers and worldwide distributors
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Our pyrometers provide high accuracy and precision in a compact, low cost package, with innovative configuration and communication options
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New USB Pyrometer Makes Benchtop Infrared Temperature Measurement Accessible

The PyroMiniUSB, a new USB infrared temperature sensor from Calex Electronics Ltd, makes non-contact temperature measurement in benchtop, laboratory and education applications easier and more accessible than ever before. This low-cost miniature sensor measures surface temperature with 1°C accuracy and with an instantaneous 125 ms response time. The included intuitive, touch-friendly software provides a temperature display and a scrolling temperature chart. No configuration is.. More ...

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New Infrared Temperature Sensors with Touch Screen and Data Logging

The new PyroMini 2.2 series of infrared temperature sensors from Calex Electronics combines the ability to accurately measure reflective surfaces and high-temperature objects with the modern and innovative touch-screen interface of the hugely successful PyroMini. A choice of temperature ranges from 100°C to 2000°C is available. These compact industrial pyrometers use a short measurement wavelength for much greater accuracy, and improved tolerance of obstructions in the field of view, or.. More ...

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Infrared Temperature Measurement in Thermoforming

The process of thermoforming a plastic sheet depends critically upon temperature Calex pyrometers have been used by leading manufacturers to control heating and cooling in thermoforming for more than 10 years, resulting in increased product quality, consistency and production rates, and a reduction in heating costs. Heating Forming temperatures typically range from 120°C to 370°C. Precise temperature control is required, and the high-performance PyroMini infrared temperature.. More ...

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Data Logging Multi-Channel Pyrometer System

The new PM180 touch screen pyrometer hub from Calex Electronics provides temperature measurement, configuration, alarm display and data logging for up to 6 non-contact infrared temperature sensors, and may be connected to other PM180 units as part of a larger system. This plug-and-play Modbus system makes it very quick and easy to install a multi-channel network of temperature sensors. It can be integrated with existing Modbus hardware, or used as a standalone system. The Calex sensors.. More ...

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World’s First IR Temperature Sensor with Built In Touch Screen Display and Data Logging

Its miniature sensing head measures just 18 mm x 45 mm, making it ideal for mounting in tight spaces. A high ambient version is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 180°C without water or air-cooling, allowing significant energy and cost savings to be made. Manufactured from stainless steel 316 and sealed to IP65, the PyroMini sensing head is ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications among many others. A wide selection of optics allows the PyroMini to focus on small or large.. More ...

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