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Manufacture and supply chemical resistant pumps for process industry
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Chemical, Petrochemical, Water, Waste-Water, Marine, Food and Beverage, Nuclear, Energy and Oil & Gas.
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Our highly efficient pumps and our on hand engineers make sure you have the most suitable and cost effective pump for your application.
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Energy and Power
Food and Beverage
Oil and Gas
Water and Wastewater
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North America


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DULCO®Lyt 400 Low chlorate and low chloride disinfection – effective and safe

ProMinent will be demonstrating its effective disinfectant solutions for bottler injection systems, CIP applications and treating product water at Stand 6-351 in Hall 6 at BrauBreviale 2016 from 8 to 10 November 2016: The Electrolysis System DULCO®Lyse delivers reliable disinfectant with minimal chlorate and chloride content. As a smart further development of ECA technology, the DULCO®Lyse system cheaply produces a highly effective DULCO®Lyt 400 disinfectant on site from water, sodium.. More ...

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Expanded Die Spring Range for High Stress, Heavy Load Applications

As major suppliers of ex-stock die springs Lee Spring are keen to expand their standard ranges – in this case their Die Spring catalogue has been greatly extended with 71 new items. These new items in music wire or OTCS (chrome silicon steel) reduce the gap between different standard lengths with additional options over 6 inch lengths, so making it easier to choose a suitable standard spring. New lengths include 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.5 and 8 inch with 8 different outer diameters to suit medium (grey),.. More ...

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Remote Monitoring Service Reduces Condition Monitoring Cost

SKF has announced an extension of its Remote Monitoring Service for the manufacturing, process and industrial sectors. The service has been developed to help companies cut the cost of condition monitoring, especially in critical applications, by providing a dedicated off-site team of specialists capable of providing round-the-clock monitoring. To date, the SKF Remote Monitoring Service has been deployed extensively in the marine sector, where it is used to optimise the performance of a.. More ...

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High Pressure Mass Flow Controllers and Mass Flow Meters

MQ and MCQ Series instruments operate on systems up to 320 PSIA Expanding its fast-response flow instrumentation product offerings, Alicat Scientific has added lines of high pressure mass flow meters and corresponding high pressure mass flow controllers. The MQ Series meters and MCQ Series mass flow controllers will operate in high pressure systems, up to 320 PSIA (22 bar). The new products ensure accurate and stable system performance, with 10 ms sensor response speeds and sub-100 ms control.. More ...

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New Extension Springs for Industrial Products

Ex-stock standard sizes of extension springs in music wire and stainless steel are a mainstay of many industrial products, so it is good news that leading manufacturer Lee Spring has introduced 121 new sizes including shorter and longer designs, plus new 16.5mm (0.650 inches) outer diameter families. With new sizes available in both music wire and stainless steel this means 242 new catalogued springs available for use in applications such as automotive interiors and exteriors, garage door.. More ...

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