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Dec Group is a leading global provider of powder handling and process containment systems.
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3M, Astra Zeneca, BASF, Bayer, GE Healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline, Honeywell, Kodak, Nestlé, Novartis
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Established experts - innovators with an unparalleled depth of knowledge in their field.
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Food and Beverage
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Simplified Containment – The New Way

With the growing pressures on pro-duction and costs, the DEC Group has been listening to the industry. Everyone in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry has the same problem when it comes to powder handling issues – How to deal with a variety of packs and charge or discharge these safely.  From drums to bags, from canisters to containers, there is not just one solution. Because of this, DEC have been working with a few close customers to re-think this problem. The criteria were low cost,.. More ...

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Contamination Free Filling & Emptying - Drum Containment System for Solids & Liquids

DEC offers contamination free filling and emptying via the Drum Containment System (DCS). DEC strives for powder handling excellence and is one of the pioneers in containment. With more than 700 sold units DEC’s solution DCS is the preferred choice for many organisations in the challenging environment for containment with upmost focus on safety and reliability. [caption id="attachment_27479" align="alignright" width="300"](image) Dryer discharge with DCS Filling Station for big bags.. More ...

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Power Handling Excellence

Particle Size Reduction to Microscale Level Controlled micronisation of solids in standard, contained and aseptic format is one of Dec"s expertise. This technology allows for the production of very small particles used for applications with pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic ingredients such as colour pigments, fillers, inhaled and formulated products. The particle size and respectively the particle size distribution (PSD) greatly influence the processing properties and characteristics.. More ...

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A New Generation of Jetmill Micronizers

High on the list of recent launches is Dec’s new generation of Jetmill micronisers, which have the ability to unlock potential for existing pharmaceutical products and enhance the development of new products. “This is the biggest leap in micronizing technology for 25 years,” says Ewart Richardson, Director of Dec, a leading global provider of powder handling systems. “Customers have been demanding improvements for some time, so we are delighted to deliver micronizers with so many.. More ...

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Pharmaceutical Case Study for Multi-Purpose Isolator

Plant overview The multi-purpose isolator is designed for use in a pharmaceutical manufacturing area for the contamination-free handling of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The containment system is developed with Dec’s unique ergonomic package to ensure ease of use. On top of this unique program methodology (developed by Dec), the containment system offers an ultra-safe working environment ensuring there is little chance of API egress. [caption.. More ...

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