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With more than 40 successful years in the filtration sector, our customers range from large multi-nationals and global corporations to small, specialist companies and SMEs. Throughout that time our customers have always received industry-leading, high-quality and innovativefiltration products. Our customers have access to our full technical and design support and you can rely on us that we will fully meet your filtration needs. For you, we are continually developing and innovating the very best in filtration products – including our acclaimed filter bag range. DRM’s filtration and technical fabric range is extensive, well-researched and tested – and created for whatever modern filter demands are placed on them. We also offer a completely bespoke filter solution whatever the size of job you need. Our wet and dry filter products are used extensively in the food and drinks industry, by pharmaceutical and chemical companies, in mining and refining and papermaking – as well as in the environmental and waste water fields. Our specialist dry filtration products include Dust Filter Bags; DCE type Filter Bags; Fluid Bed Dryer Bags; Multipocket Filter Bags; Loading Chutes and Flexible Connectors; Fluid Bed Particle Coaters; Multipocket Filter Bags and Dust Filter Socks. Our specialist liquid filtration products include Filter Socks; Filter Sleeves; Filter Bags; Liquid Filter Bags; Disc Filter Covers; Centrifuge Filter Bags; Liners for Centrifuge Filters; Filter Belts; Rotary Vacuum Filters and Filter Press Cloths. DRM also offers custom-made bags, laser cutting and over 40 years of technical support.

Solids in a bag – Simple!

The Sedi-filter de-watering system is a low cost, simple & highly effective passive dewatering and containment system that is also environmentally friendly. Made from high-quality geotextiles, Sedi-filter is designed to tackle the problems contractors face when excavating and storing wet slurry & sludges. Sedi-filter removes up to 90% of water whilst retaining all dewatered solids neatly in the bag that can be left on site to biodegrade. Manufactured in the UK to your preferred.. More ...

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Are your Filters charged up?

Dry powdered material passing through chutes or pneumatic conveyors can produce electrostatic energy that has to be drained away by grounding. In an environment prone to static electricity the recommendation is to use materials with a resistance to earth in a range of 104 to 108Ω. When textile chutes or connectors from conductive material are required it is important that you find a supplier who can reliably manufacture certified textile filters that conform to this standard. DRM.. More ...

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Safe handling of fine organic dust

Waste & Recycling facilities can face the risk of their fine organic dust materials burning and exploding. Risk assessments are made to identify the risk areas and to recommend a series of preventative measures all in line with ATEX regulations. Antistatic dust bags can form part of these safety measures to prevent the build up of electrostatic energy generated by friction between dust particles.Dust collection bags are at the heart of dust collection systems and their quality will minimise.. More ...

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Fine powder handling through food grade textile connectors and transfer chutes

Safe transfer of fine, sticky or wet powders can prove difficult however the right textile chutes and connectors can help to ease the process by minimising loss of powder thanks to membrane technology. Airborne dust can compromise the safety of the working environment and the validity of other products. Blocked filters can constrict the airflow making correct ventilation essential to disperse displaced air during filling. To ensure optimum performance the filter cleaning system should operate.. More ...

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Maximise output – minimise downtime with Bespoke technical textile filter

At the heart of most process equipment you will find technical textile filters:•    Fluid bed dryer bags capture those valuable fine particles •    Sifting screens ensure accurate grading•    Rotary drum vacuum filter cloths maximise cake release•    Centrifuge bags deliver efficient solid-liquid separation•    Dust bags ensure that clean air leaves the production facility High quality textile filters play an important part in the smooth running of process equipment.. More ...

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