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The Vrieco Nauta Cyclomix® is a revolutionary high-speed, intensive paddle mixer and agglomerator that has been specially designed for cohesive powders with liquids or melt binders. It also handles pastes, slurries and liquids with ease due to its combination of high-shear and high-impact forces.

It is a multi-purpose, high shear mixer suitable for a variety of applications and offers:

  • Fast mixing times (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes)
  • Fully self-emptying vessel
  • No bearings or seals in the product zone
  • Good control of product temperature

This mixer offers a high level of homogeneity in the end product as frequently demanded by the food, chemical, plastic, toner, mineral, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The Cyclomix® has a highly compact design and relies on a centrally located high speed rotating shaft driven from the mixer cover. The shaft is fitted with paddle-shaped mixing elements which rotate close to the vessel wall creating intensive mixing.

Typical Applications:

  • Agglomeration by temperature or moisture addition
  • Coating of powders with powders or liquids
  • Dispersion of pigments
  • Metallic bonding processing of powder paints
  • (Vacuum) drying at low temperature with liquid recovery
  • Low-speed mixing of cohesive powders, slurries and liquids
  • Densification of powders
  • Spheronisation of particles
  • Grinding & de-agglomeration
  • Heating and cooling

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