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The Alpine piconizer® is a spiral jet mill for the dry milling of soft to medium-hard materials. The design and principle of operation are largely identical with that of Alpine’s Aeroplex spiral jet mill AS product line.

For the micronisation of dry and relatively soft materials with a Mohs’ hardness of up to 3. Produces powders in the fineness range 5 µm – 40 µm.

A number of gas nozzles generate a high-speed air vortex. The feed material is fed into the disc-shaped grinding chamber via an injector assembly. Comminution is a result of particle collisions brought about by the speed gradients in the air flow.

The grinding gas exits the mill through a dip pipe located in the centre of the grinding chamber. The free vortex generates a classifying effect so that only fine particles can exit the mill through the dip pipe and be collected in a filter. Coarser particles remain in the grinding chamber until such time as they have reached the desired fineness.

The degree of micronisation can be adjusted by varying the grinding gas flow rate, the grinding gas pressure and the throughput.

Features include:

  • Optimal grinding chamber geometry
  • Cover with integrated static classifier and integrated nozzle ring
  • Nozzle ring with no dead spaces
  • Mill housing with integrated injector assembly for material feed
  • Cover and housing connected by a clamp connection
  • Filter with housing, product collection bin and membrane filter hose
  • Grinding and propellant air supply via the platform adapter (no tubes)
  • Adapter for larger filters

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