• MPV Series Flow Meter

MPV Series Flow Meter

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  • Robust simple electronics, square wave output
  • Accuracy 0.2%
  • Flow rates from 1 - 900 lpm.
  • Continuous working pressures up to 350 bar
  • Insensitive to variations in pressure and temperature
  • In-line installation, no pre-requisite for straight pipe work
  • Large viscosity range 1 - 5000 cSt.
  • Low noise even at high rotational speeds

Special versions are available for specific applications (flow rates, temperatures and non-standard materials, bi-directional flow reading) as well as customised versions.

Typical applications for MPV series Flow Meter

  • Oil dynamics and hydraulics systems
  • Power generation (incl. fuel transfer)
  • Dosing systems
  • Test Benches

Specific versions, on demand, for:

  • Chemical industry
  • Machine tools (low lubricating property media, in general)
  • Lubrication for rotating parts in high critical systems
  • Flow rate consumption in diesel engines

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