• Hygroscopic Breathers

Hygroscopic Breathers

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Remove moisture and particles before entry to the system.

Moisture and particle accumulation are major factors of oil contamination in industrial equipment. Neglected, these detriments restrict equipment efficiency, causing machine downtime and significant expense in replacement oil, parts and repair labour.

Hygroscopic breathers incorporate a proven, field tested design. They prevent water and contaminates from entering fluid reservoirs as differential pressures occur through thermal expansion and contraction of the fluid, or during the filling or emptying process.

Manufactured with a hygroscopic agent, they have the capability to extract water vapour from the air as it is drawn through the unit. Accompanying solid particles are then removed by a patented polyester fabric filter, allowing only clean, dry air to enter the system.

Change To Our Hygroscopic Breathers For Maximum Machine Performance.

These hygroscopic breather elements are state-of-the-art in design and function and are industry’s best choice for assuring maximum machine performance.

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