• UNE-FLEX® tyre couplings

UNE-FLEX® tyre couplings

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The fundamental element of the tyre coupling is a neoprene rubber tyre reinforced with a synthetic mesh. It adapts itself to the working conditions, absorbing axial, radial, angular and torsional misalignments and prevents vibration via the transmission to the machines to which they are coupled. It compensates the defect of angular misalignments to 3º, radial misalignment by 4 mm, and axial misalignment of 6 mm.

These mechanical power transmission tyre couplings cushion the effects of overloading, absorb vibrations, reducing noise and protecting the machine from the destructive effects of vibration.

There is no metal to metal contact between the shafts and the hubs are completely isolated. No lubrication is needed.

Replacement: Easy and practical. There is no need to move the motor or other components within the transmission. It is sufficient to release the axial screws, so freeing the coupling. The result is better running of the machine and a longer life for the whole installation.

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