• F10-F50 Gas Or Liquid Flow Control Solutions For Larger Lines

F10-F50 Gas Or Liquid Flow Control Solutions For Larger Lines

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Model F10 Vane-actuated Mechanical Flow Switch

Flow switches are highly reliable devices sensing the start or stop of flow in horizontal pipelines containing oil and petroleum derivatives, chemicals, water, or air. Vane actuated model F10 switches are used on gas or liquid flow applications in 2" or larger pipe sizes. Disc actuated model F50 switches are in-line type sensing clean liquids in 2" or smaller pipe sizes.

Operating Principle

Force of liquid or gas flow against a vertical flow vane mounted in a line causes the vane to pivot to a horizontal position, moving an attraction sleeve into the field of a switch magnet. This pulls the magnet toward the sleeve and actuates the switch.


  • Pump staging or failure
  • Pipeline flow detection
  • Valve failure
  • Loss of pipeline flow
  • Pipe blockage/rupture
  • Pump inlet flow protection
  • Check valve blockage/leakage
  • Alarm on eyewash or shower safety station


  • Field adjustable
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • Process pressures to 1000 psig (69 bar)
  • Process temps. to +450°F (+232°C)
  • Actuation on increasing or decreasing flow
  • Standard flow vanes for 2” through 10” flow lines
  • Special sensing elements for non-standard or high flow applications


  • Level switches
  • Level transmitters
  • Stainless steel scale standard
  • Customer scales

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