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METPOINT DPM: Dew point measuring devices

You need to dry compressed air in your production? This is par­ticularly important in sensitive areas requiring the highest level of hygiene and in which compressed air comes in contact directly or indirectly with products. The METPOINT® DPM dew point meter measures the dew point of your compressed air through relative humidity and temperature. But that’s not all. It provides information on how well components are functioning, and the measurement provides the basis for optimising the dimensions of your plant. This makes the METPOINT® DPM dew point meter not just a guarantor of safety in your pro­cess chain, but also an instrument for increasing the efficiency of your production.

The stationary pressure/dew point monitor precisely measures the temperature, relative humidity and dew point (down to an impressive -60 °Ctd). These are the critical performance parame­ters for compressed air and other gases. Measurement is per­formed continuously and the data can be optionally displayed on the external display and saved in the data logger. If a pre-set threshold value is exceeded, an alarm relay can be set to trigger automatically. This provides the user with direct feedback on cri­tical process parameters and allows an immediate response.

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