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Additional Flow And Batch Applications Added To Contrec 515 Series Range Of Flow Instruments

Contrec 500

The 515 series is a range of highly accurate flow controllers designed primarily for the process and petroleum industries. The Contrec 515 is the most advanced model in the 500 series, capable of complex applications including flow computing, batch control, additive injection, natural gas, steam, energy and petroleum, as well as being the primary measurement instrument the 515 can be used as the ideal interface to PLC, DCS or Scada system.

It has multiple frequency and analogue inputs making it suitable for applications that require external sensors for temperature, pressure, density, or level devices.

The 515 is also capable of operating in a wide temperature range and its ‘plug and play' option card which makes enhancements easy without reprogramming.

The instrument is easily programmed ready to use by simply selecting the application from an increasing list of applications in the 500 series Program Manager software.

DatamodNew applications just released include:

Contrec 515 – BS03 Secure Batch Controller

The BS03 utilises Contrec’s unique touch key fob ensuring only authorised personnel can operate the batch controller. It will also log each batch for a full audit trail.

Contrec 515 – CS02 Steam Computer / Contrec 515 – CS12 Condensate Computer

The CS02/CS12 steam to condensate computer calculates the net energy in closed steam systems by measuring the steam and condensate for total energy usage.

Contrec 515 – BT01 Temperature Compensated Batch Controller

The BT01 batch controller takes flow, temperature and/or density inputs to correct for any fluids including petroleum, glycols, chemicals.

Contrec 515 – AC01 Additive Controller

The AC01 will accurately measure additive into your main process flow, ideal for marker dyes, chemicals, corrosion inhibitors and denaturing.

Contrec 515 – MP01 Master Proving – Volume Frequency Flow / Contrec 515 – MP02 Master Proving – Mass Frequency Flow

The MP01/MP02 provides an economical solution for meter proving using a master meter for ‘on the fly’ proving including live and averaged temperature and pressure values.

To read about how the 515 series has provided the best solution for our customers please click on the case study below:

Contrec 515 – LC01 – Restaurant Product Distribution Project

To see how Contrec's 515 series flow controllers can assist with your project email us on [email protected] or call us on +44 1422 829944.

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