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AxFlow Introduces the Waukesha Universal 3 Pump

waukesha universal 3 pump

AxFlow has added the new Waukesha Universal 3 pump to its range of products for hygienic processing applications. Complementing the the long-established Universal 1 and Universal 2 pumps; the Universal 3 delivers both the high levels of hygienic design and precise pumping characteristics of the Universal 2 and an improved choice of seal types.

The Universal 3 design is compatible with SIP/CIP requirements, offers the same low levels of product slippage and heat build-up within the pump chamber as the market leading Universal 2 but, with the option of lip seals as favoured by many within the confectionary industry when handling chocolate. In addition the Universal 3 has had its seal area redesigned so that all seals are front loaded and are now accessed from the product side making maintenance much easier.

Available with stainless steel gear cases as standard, the Universal 3 can accommodate pressures between 20.7bar and 34.5bar and temperatures up to 149C. The pump can dry run is a suitable for handling food grade fat applications without there being a need to mix the product with water. Capable of delivering flows between 2.5m³/hr and 450m³/hr, the Universal 3 delivers maximum service under the most demanding operating conditions.

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