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Corrosion-resistant State-of-the-art Load Cell For Weighing Tanks & Vessels


The PR 6212 from Minebea Intec is a state-of-the-art load cell. This corrosion-resistant product offers a long lifetime and ensures safer and more reliable processes in the chemical industry.

The new load cell PR 6212 from Minebea Intec now offers maximum resistance and precision for the weighing of tanks and vessels. The compact load cell is the only weighing technology product to be made from stainless steel 1.4418 and has proven* extremely corrosion-resistant.

The smooth finish and lack of horizontal surfaces also provide additional corrosion protection. The manufacturer offers optional high-temperature versions or an additional protective coating for extreme environments.

“The load cell PR 6212 is the logical progression from our successful PR 6211,” explains Tim Schoppe, Product Manager for Process Vessel and Silo Weighing at Minebea Intec. “It enables measurement results in accuracy class C1 and maximum protection from corrosion. Its outstanding durability provides many benefits for users, for example by minimising downtime due to corrosion.

The compact design enables quick and easy installation and its laser labelling guarantees long-lasting product identification. This is a significant advantage in the challenging environments typical of the chemical industry.”

Minebea Intec also thought outside the box when it came to the development of a new mounting kit. While the load cell PR 6212 is fully compatible with all the mounting kits from the tried-and-tested 6011 range, with the new mounting kit PR 6012 users benefit from an innovative complete solution.

Thanks to the integrated jack-up function there is no need for external lifting devices and even a load cell dummy is no longer required. There is an integrated constrainer to protect against unwanted forces. A long lifetime is a priority here too. The inverted installation of the load cell prevents fluid build-up and provides additional corrosion protection.

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