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New HS-100 and HS-150 Series Vibration Sensors Are Smaller, Lighter & Offer Higher Performance

hs 100 150 vibration sensors

Hansford Sensors, the leading UK manufacturer of industrial accelerometers, has launched the latest versions of its proven HS-100 and HS-150 Series vibration sensors. The new sensors are over 10% smaller and lighter than existing versions, and offer even greater frequency response, with a significant improvement in resonant frequency.

The new family of HS-100 and HS-150 accelerometers is designed for use throughout industry, typically on drives and rotating shafts such as those found in pumps, fans, motors, gearboxes and compressors. In common with all vibration devices from Hansford Sensors, the new versions are designed and manufactured in the UK, to offer a robust, reliable and extremely accurate solution when used with condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and plant management systems.

The improvements in size, weight and performance have been achieved through a combination of modified engineering techniques during manufacture and adoption of recent enhancements in component technology. Combined, these have allowed the overall height of each accelerometer to be cut by 10mm and the weight to be reduced by approximately 10%, making each sensor even more compact for use in applications where access or weight restrictions apply.

In addition, the frequency response has been improved, to between 0.8kHz and 15kHz, while the resonant frequency has been increased to between 26kHz and 34kHz, in each case depending on specification. The shift in frequency response represents a significant enhancement, allowing even greater separation between the resonant frequency point of the piezoelectric sensing mechanism and the vibration frequencies of the application to be measured. In practice, this makes the new HS-100 and HS-150 accelerometers even more accurate across a much wider range of frequencies and applications.

The new accelerometers are available with a wide range of options, including intrinsically safe versions, special purpose cable assemblies and a choice of mounting threads, and are supported by Hansford Sensors’ global network of technical and customer support centres.

For more information on the extensive range of Hansford Sensors products, please visit www.hansfordsensors.com.

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